Coming to the U.S Big Brother Barking Orders At You

yeah we know its corny but we wanted to make an entertaining video for everyone so they can be aware of the new big brother measures already in place in the U.K and soon to come to the U.S Music: Top Soil – Buried In Rubble Coming to the U.S soon […]

Texas Fireball Glows Colors While Barking Out Sonic Booms

The Intel Hub Francis Walsh February 2, 2012 For many Texas residents the evening of February 1, 2012 revealed to them something inside our atmosphere burning brightly white, green, and blue on its way to Earth. Shortly after [20:00:00 CST (-6 UTC)] it was announced on local news and weather websites that over 400 eyewitnesses […]

Los Angeles City Council Approves $250 Fines for Barking Dogs

(FOXNEWS)    Barking dogs can lead to a hefty fine in Los Angeles. The City Council on Tuesday approved an ordinance that fines owners of excessively barking dogs $ 250 for a first offense, $ 500 for a second and $ 1,000 for a third if a Department of Animal Services hearing officer decides the pooch is barking too much. […]