Thirty Pieces of Silver – The Ron Paul Betrayal

Dave Hodges Commons Sense Show Farm Wars I awoke several days ago to a devastating punch in the gut. I was overcome by feelings of abandonment and betrayal just like the feelings that a husband would experience when he realizes that his wife has been unfaithful and his best friend is his wife’s new lover. […]

Malaysian Group Promotes Use of Physical Gold & Silver, Eradicating Bankster Usury!

SGT Report April 13, 2012 Hey gang, I just received this note from dedicated reader and physical precious metals stacker Dean Arif, the Program Director of Dinihari Dinar (The Dawn of the Dinar) in Malaysia. Arif reports that the mission of his group is to eradicate USURY and spread the use of physical gold and […]

Ben Bernanke Confronted by WeAreChange

Luke Rudkowski finally is able to get in the face of the master behind all this economy tyranny Ben Bernanke.        

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