Unholy Alliance: The Federal Reserve and the Treasury

By Cassandra AndersonJune 14, 2012 The Federal Reserve and the Treasury are running a scam that funnels freshly-printed money from the Fed into the Treasury, using Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae as the pipeline.  Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae were taken over by the government and put into conservatorship in the 2008 bailout.  Freddie Mac […]

Afghan official says member of government-backed militia has shot and killed 5 colleagues

ShareThis Afghan official says member of government-backed militia has shot and killed 5 colleagues 22 Mar 2013 An Afghan official says a member of the country’s government-backed militia has shot and killed five of his colleagues. Badhis provincial government spokesman Mirwais Mirzakwal told The Associated Press on Friday that the shooting happened Thursday morning in […]

Michigan’s Most Fervent Tea Partiers Backed Santorum

If they prefer a big-government social conservative, what’s the point of their movement? By Conor Friedersdorf, The Atlantic CNN’s Michigan exit poll had a nugget of information that caught my eye: Republican voters who “strongly supported” the tea party favored Rick Santorum. Forty-five percent of that subgroup cast a ballot for the former Pennsylvania senator. […]

CFR Backed Cyber Security Figurehead Pushes for Police State

Shepard Ambellas | Cyber security is becoming an increasingly dangerous issue from several perspectives.              

Bonds Backed by Mortgages Regain Allure

By: Azam Ahmed, The New York Times Some Wall Street investors made money as the mortgage market boomed; others profited when it fell apart. Having reaped big gains during both of those turns, Greg Lippmann, a former star trader at Deutsche Bank, is now catching the next upswing: buying the same securities built from mortgages […]

Monsignors’ Mutiny Mirrors WikiLeaks, Watergate Scandals

A Monsignors’ mutiny occurring in the Vatican combines spy novel intrigue with grade school infighting. According to Reuters, the key players in the flap are the Pope’s right-hand man Tarcisio Bertone and a collection of Cardinals implicitly backed by former Vatican Secretary of State Angelo Sodano. The allegations include retaliatory reassignment of Archbishop Carlo Maria […]

Banking, Housing and Mortgages

The Intel Hub James Hall February 9, 2012 The primary players that caused the housing bubble are: 1) The banking institutions that bundled and sold very risky mortgages 2) The Wall Street firms that bought these instruments and hedged for a default hazard by booking speculative derivative insurance that could never pay off on massive […]

‘Occupy Wall Street’ Tax Proposal Is Backed By Wall Street Itself

The “Buffett tax rule” being promoted by Occupy Wall Street protesters is exactly what the Wall Street-owned Obama administration wants By Paul Joseph Watson Infowars.com Monday, October 3, 2011 There’s no better way of deciding an outcome than owning both sides of the debate. That’s why the Wall Street-owned Obama administration must be licking its […]

Project backed by prominent Dem donor could interfere with military GPS

By Shaun Waterman-The Washington Times The boss of an upstart Virginia company said Wednesday that his firm is on the cusp of solving technical problems that have dogged its effort to build a nationwide high-speed wireless network that critics worry will cripple military and commercial navigation systems. “Watch this space,” Sanjiv Ahuja, CEO of Reston-based […]