State Secession and dissolution from the Union on the horizon, pros and cons behind state secession

Author: Silence DoGood Source: <a href=”″>FederalJack</a> State Secession is now a reality today with a battle between the Tenth Amendment, corrupt Executive branch, and corrupt Congress with a 9% approval rating. Petitions are being <a href=””>created</a> by citizens across the country to get permission from the current US Presidential Administration to allow the states they […]

US-led trooper killed in S Afghanistan

ShareThis US-led trooper killed in S Afghanistan 14 Jun 2012 A Taliban attack in southern Afghanistan has killed a US-led trooper with the International Security Assistance Force, Press TV reports. Earlier in the day, another US-led trooper died of wounds received in an improvised explosive device (IED) attack, which had occurred in southern Afghanistan on […]

FBI quietly forms secretive Net-surveillance unit

ShareThis FBI quietly forms secretive Net-surveillance unit –CNET has learned that the FBI has formed a Domestic Communications Assistance Center, which is tasked with developing new electronic surveillance technologies, including intercepting Internet, wireless, and VoIP communications. 22 May 2012 The FBI has recently formed a secretive surveillance unit with an ambitious goal: to invent technology […]

US-led chopper crashes in Afghanistan

ShareThis US-led chopper crashes in Afghanistan 15 Jan 2012 A helicopter operated by the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) has crashed in Logar province in eastern Afghanistan, Press TV reports. The incident took place in the Baraki district of eastern Logar province on Saturday. Citizens for Legitimate Government             […]

Seattle welfare recipient lives in million-dollar home

A Seattle woman who is receiving welfare assistance from Washington state also happens to live in a waterfront house on Lake Washington worth more than a million dollars. Federal agents raided the home this weekend but have not released the woman or her husband’s name because they have not officially been charged with a crime. […]

Some 15% of U.S. Uses Food Stamps

By Phil Izzo, The Wall Street Journal Nearly 15% of the U.S. population relied on food stamps in August, as the number of recipients hit 45.8 million. Food stamp rolls have risen 8.1% in the past year, the Department of Agriculture reported, though the pace of growth has slowed from the depths of the recession. […]

15 Trillion Dollars In Debt, 45 Million Americans On Food Stamps And Zero Solutions On The Horizon

The Economic Collapse November 3, 2011 How does a country end up 15 trillion dollars in debt?  30 years ago, we were just a little over a trillion dollars in debt. How in the world do supposedly rational people living in “the greatest nation on earth” allow themselves to commit national financial suicide by allowing […]

Fraud-Infested Welfare Program Gets Another $1.7 Billion

In a perplexing waste of taxpayer funds, the Obama Administration has injected $ 1.7 billion into a fraud-infested welfare program rife with corruption that’s routinely exposed in congressional probes and the media. Even for an administration that specializes in doling out record amounts of public assistance, it’s a senseless allocation that deserves scrutiny. This is […]

Copwatch@Occupy Oakland: Beware of Police Infiltrators and Provocateurs

Copwatch@Occupy Oakland: Beware of Police Infiltrators and Provocateurs   ABOVE VIDEO: Produced by Jacob Crawford with assistance from Ali Winston and Josh Wolf Visit the Youtube Channel:   and More on this from Prison Provocateurs Circulate Anti-nonviolence Flyers At Occupy Oakland Protests As general strike looms, shady group promises to “go beyond” peaceful […]

Afghan soldier kills 2 US-led troops

ShareThis Afghan soldier kills 2 US-led troops 29 Oct 2021 The US-led NATO force says a man dressed in Afghan army uniform has shot dead two foreign troops in southern Afghanistan. “Two International Security Assistance Force service members were killed today in southern Afghanistan when an individual wearing an Afghan National Army uniform apparently turned […]