China Joins Ban on Arkansas Poultry After Bird Flu

China has joined other countries and a U.S. state in a ban on imports of poultry and poultry products from Arkansas after a strain of avian influenza was found at a Scott County farm in June, a state official said. Russia, Japan, Turkey, Hong Kong and in the U.S., Mississippi and Georgia, already placed a […]

Arkansas State Senator Missy Irvin Pushes Nanny State Attack on Tattoo Parlors

(ARKANSAS TIMES)   Sen. Missy Irvin wants to protect you from the scary world of body art. The Senate Public Health committee will need to consider the new Medicaid deal but they spent some time this morning to pass Sen. Irvin’s Act to Limit Body Art Procedures, which bans scarification and dermal implants. (Scarification is a non-ink skin marking that […]

And Justice for All?

  (FEDERALJACK)   Without the question mark, this is the tail-end of the statement in the Pledge of Allegiance, represented by the Statue of Liberty on Liberty Island, south of Ellis Island at the New York port of entrance into the United States. Since 1886 that declaration has inspired an endless number of immigrants, coming […]

Arkansas County Judge Filmed Beating His Daughter With a Belt

YouTube November 2, 2011 Warning: This video may not be appropriate for some individuals. YouTube Description: 2004: Aransas County Court-At-Law Judge William Adams took a belt to his own teenage daughter as punishment for using the internet to acquire music and games that were unavailable for legal purchase at the time. She has had ataxic […]

Freak Solar Activity Creates Incredible Northern Lights Which Are Seen As Far South As Arkansas

The Daily Mail October 26, 2011 It’s one of the world’s most famous and spectacular solar phenomena, but those hoping to experience the Northern Lights usually have to travel to remotest Norway to witness their beauty. But freak solar activity yesterday saw the stunning auroral display stretch much further than usual, as it was spotted […]

Are these the footsteps of T-Rex’s cousin? The 2ft-long footprints in an Arkansas field that have astounded scientists

Researchers at the University of Arkansas are studying a new field of fossilised dinosaur tracks, including one set which appears to be from a large three-toed predator. The tracks were found on private land in south-west Arkansas and provide a window into the lifeforms which roamed the area as long as 120 million years ago […]