Americans Are Horrified By Mass Killings — Unless The Government Is Doing It

  • Yum As Americans continue to rage over the Valentine’s Day school shooting in Florida, expressing indignation at both the atrocity and efforts to impose (or reject) gun control, the U.S. government has acknowledged its own perpetual addiction to violence. According to two letters released by the federal government last week in response to an inquiry from […]

James Holmes: Government Pasty Assisting Obama in Disarming Americans

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TweetYumSusanne Posel | James Holmes, while incarcerated and awaiting trial appears to have been drugged and have amnesia regarding the Batman shooting committed just last week. Holmes says that he does not know why he is locked up.    

2,000 dead Americans: the toll of the Afghan War (so far)

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TweetYumEDITORS NOTE:  This number does not count the suicides in it. And the “official” death toll is always lowered because “combat” deaths are only deaths “on” the battlefield, not if the Marine or Soldier dies in the field hospital or enroute to it. That is one example of how presidential administrations and people in command […]

NDAA unconstitutional: Federal judge bans Obama from indefinitely detaining Americans

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TweetYum(RT)   Sorry, Mr. President. A US Federal judge has clarified a decision made last month with some news sure to upset the Obama administration: the White House cannot use the NDAA to indefinitely detain American citizens. Judge Katherine B. Forrest has answered a request made by US President Barack Obama last month to more carefully […]

Obama Mentor Wanted Americans Put In Re-Education Camps

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TweetYum Paul Joseph Watson | In light of a newly uncovered U.S. Army document that outlines plans for prisoners, including U.S. citizens, to be re-educated in detention camps, it’s worth reminding ourselves of the fact that Barack Obama’s political mentor, Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers, once called for precisely the same thing.