New Jersey Muslims file federal suit to stop New York Police Department from spying on them

ShareThis New Jersey Muslims file federal suit to stop New York Police Department from spying on them 06 Jun 2012 One of the Obama administration’s go-to civil rights groups in its efforts to build relationships with American Muslims is suing the New York Police Department over its surveillance programs, some of which were paid for […]

Puerto Rico International Airport Raided by Feds in Drug Smuggling Operation

(FOXNEWS)   Federal agents raided Puerto Rico’s international airport Wednesday, arresting at least 33 people for allegedly smuggling millions of dollars worth of cocaine and heroine on commercial flights since 1999. Three other suspects were arrested in the mainland United States: two workers at Miami’s international airport and another at the Dallas-Ft. Worth airport, according […]

Kansas gov. signs measure blocking Islamic law

(FOXNEWS)   Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback has signed a law aimed at keeping the state’s courts or government agencies from basing decisions on Islamic or other foreign legal codes, and a national Muslim group’s spokesman said Friday that a court challenge is likely. The new law, taking effect July 1, doesn’t specifically mention Shariah law, which […]

Study: No lung danger from casual pot smoking

(CBS)   Add one more data point to the decades-old debate over marijuana legalization: A new study concludes that casual pot smoking – up to one joint per day – does not affect the functioning of your lungs. The study, published in the Jan. 11 edition of Journal of the American Medical Association, also offered up […]

US files charges against American who alleged torture

ShareThis US files charges against American who alleged torture 07 May 2012 The U.S. government has issued an arrest warrant for an American citizen who is seeking asylum in Sweden after he went public with allegations of illegal detention and torture while in the United Arab Emirates – which he believes was carried out at […]

Russian Troops on American Soil For Anti Terrorism Training

Shepard Ambellas | Russian Troops on American soil right now. No BS.              

Shepard Ambellas Tonight 9pm PST – Russian Troops on American Soil Now!

Ground Zero Radio Portland | Shepard Ambellas will be on air tonight covering the Red Dawn build-up of Russian troops on US soil.              

American Police State: Officer May be Fired for Protecting Young Man from Police Brutality

Madison Ruppert | In this case the officer is being declared “psychologically incompetent” for stepping in to save an emotionally disturbed young man from a brutal beating by police.              

U.S. Roads and Bridges Being Built By Chinese Companies As American Economy Teeters on Collapse

Alex Thomas | A recent report by ABC has confirmed what many have claimed for years; infrastructure jobs are going directly to foreign countries, particularly China. Regardless of the fact that US law usually requires American companies to be picked first for infrastructure jobs, multiple Chinease companies are currently working on U.S. bridges and roads. […]

Trayvon Martin: Disinformation, Fake Reporting Fuelling the Illusion of an ‘American Race War’

Patrick Henningsen April 10, 2012 In the wake of the Trayvon Martin shooting and the ensuing media circus, a new beast has reared its ugly head – this time in the form of media disinformation and race-baiting reports threatening to propel America in the direction of a new race war. On Saturday April 7th, journalist Michael Miller’s Miami New […]