Richard Nagell: The Meaning Behind The Music – by Greg Fernandez Jr.

RICHARD NAGELL – MBS DOCS LIKE LENNON – Greg Fernandez Jr. feat. Zyme, Eric Golub, Shawna Darling, and Dublin Beats HAPPY DAYS – Greg Fernandez Jr. Produced by JRJ London CRUEL – Greg Fernandez Jr. Produced by Aleks Yakovlev and Dublin Beats              

Amazon, Indiana strike state sales tax deal

By Reuters, The Chicago Tribune and Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels unveiled an agreement on Monday that may mean that the world’s largest Internet retailer starts collecting sales tax in the state in 2014. Amazon will voluntarily begin collecting Indiana sales tax on Internet purchases on Jan 1, 2014, or 90 days from any federal […]

Amazon Will Go Along with Internet Sales Tax After All

By TED MANN, The Atlantic Wire Just a few months ago, the giant retailer was filing lawsuits and dropping affiliates to combat states trying to charge online sales tax. Now, Amazon is on board. As states have struggled to find new tax revenues over the past couple of deficit years, many have sought to levy […]

Susan Lindauer Gets Death Threats, Says She Will Not Commit Suicide & Is In Perfect Health

(FEDERALJACK)    On Sept. 18th 2011 Susan Lindauer had a two (2) hour long interview with me (Popeye) on my Radio Show (Down The Rabbit Hole) and during one of the breaks she related information that she had received death threats for her work in getting the truth about Libya out.  I (Popeye) was so bothered […]