Bohemian Grove 2013

It’s been 13 years since Alex Jones and Mike Hanson infiltrated the Bohemian Grove and filmed the Cremation of Care The Cremation of Care is a satanic ritual where people sacrifice a wooden human body before a giant stone owl. The events recorded inside the Bohemian Grove were too much for me to ignore. Here […]

Philip Marshall 911 – No Clear Evidence Against Him

Philip Marshall 911 – No Clear Evidence Against Him by Greg Fernandez Jr When officers arrived at the Marshall home they found Philip Marshall lying face-up with a close-range gunshot wound on the right-side of his head. Police claim the gun was “inverted (upside-down).” Marshall was found face-up near the couch, where his deceased children […]

Philip Marshall Questions – Heart Talk with Walter Bradley

We are still waiting for the Calaveras County Sheriff’s Department to provide evidence for their allegation that Philip Marshall murdered his two children while they were sleeping, shot his dog, then shot himself. Among the many people who have helped keep this story alive is Patrick Henningsen, creator of 21st Century Wire, my favorite source […]

Philip Marshall Questions – Waiting For Answers

by Greg Fernandez Jr “Even if I’d had no other reason to investigate, my airline family deserved an honest account of the attack. I might add that we also deserve this because 911 has been used against us ever since, in a running nightmare of contrived bankruptcy, draconian working conditions and hostile management.” – Philip […]

Alex Jones entrevista a Daniel Estulin sobre Bilderberg 2012 Investigar-11S              

Channel 4 journalist Alex Thomson says Syria rebels led me into death trap

ShareThis Channel 4 journalist Alex Thomson says Syria rebels led me into death trap 09 Jun 2012 A senior British journalist has claimed Syrian rebels terrorists tried to lead him and his team into a death trap so they would be killed by gunfire from government forces in a bid to discredit the Assad command. […]

An Open Message to the Paul Family from Alex Jones Federal Jack              

Alex Jones Calls Westfields Marriott About Bilderberg Meeting | Alex Jones calls the Westfields Marriott to inquire about booking rooms during the Bilderberg meetings.              

‘Occupy Bilderberg’ – Alex Jones Calls for Thousands to Protest Upcoming Meeting of Global Elite

RT | In only a few weeks, every single room at the Westfield Marriott will be booked solid.              

Alex Jones: Explosive Interview with Billy Corgan

Billy Corgan, founder and frontman for the rock band The Smashing Pumpkins, talks frankly about the music business, the role of the musician in society, the ever mutating left-right paradigm, the Occupy Wall Street movement, and the indisputable spiritual awakening that threatens a mass awakening that will take down the globalist agenda. Red Ice Creations […]