Mauritius airport on high alert after discovery of H1N1 flu case

Mauritius on Friday put its international airport on high alert after this week’s confirmation of the first case of H1N1 flu. Unconfirmed reports indicated that two other H1N1 flu cases had been diagnosed after the first hospitalization, while the Indian Ocean island country’s Health Ministry said 30 other cases had been reported. Employees of Mauritius […]

Lipstick chemical alert: Ingredient in hundreds of household products ’causes heart problems’

A chemical commonly used in lipsticks, face washes and toothpaste may cause heart and muscle problems, according to scientists. They found triclosan, which is in hundreds of household products, can hinder the process by which muscles, including the heart, receive signals from the brain. In tests on mice, they noted a ‘dramatic’ 25 per cent […]

Bomb Threat at UConn Law School

ShareThis Bomb Threat at UConn Law School 02 Jul 2012 UConn police investigating a bomb threat received today at University of Connecticut School of Law. There was also a bomb threat at the greater Hartford campus in West Hartford, but is all clear, school officials said. According to an alert on the school’s website, UConn […]

FALSE FLAG ALERT: Former British MoD insider warns for alien invasion during London Olympics

(UA)   That’s it!! They just told it!! Here comes the Illuminati wild card of the hostile alien invasion to take place during the London Olympics. The former insider of British MoD and UFO shill Nick Pope, warns people to “keep an eye in the sky” during the games, expecting a mass sighting of extraterrestrial spaceships […]

Down The Rabbit Hole w/ Popeye (06-03-2012) Operation Ghost Click, FBI DNS Alert & A Titanic Update

(FEDERALJACK)   On this episode of DTRH Popeye speaks to hacker Winston Smith about Operation Ghost Click, the FBI routing internet traffic through their DNS servers, false flag hack attacks and more.  Hour two is an update to the April 15th 2012 Titanic episode with Steve Stars. Federal Jack             […]

No credible threat to NATO summit: FBI

No credible threat to NATO summit: FBI (via AFP) There is no credible terror threat to the NATO summit set to get underway Sunday in Chicago but security forces will nonetheless be on high alert, a spokesman for the FBI said Thursday. “Obviously Chicago in the post-9/11 world has been considered a prime terrorist attack […]

Terrorism at NATO summit viewed as improbable, not impossible

ShareThis Terrorism at NATO summit viewed as improbable, not impossible –FBI quietly on alert: ‘Chicago has become a more high-profile [false flag] target, we all know that’ 11 May 2012 …Although experts call a coordinated attack on the summit very unlikely, signs of the care being taken to prevent a large-scale incident are there in […]

False Flag Alert: The U.S. Military Is Officially Preparing For An “Alien Invasion” April 9, 2012 A few months ago I made a video and posted it here on FJ about the government, media and their mouth pieces hyping an alien invasion titled Michio Kaku Hyping Alien Invasion As Corporate Media Says Alien Threat Would Help Global Governance. It shows how the corporate controlled media and the […]

ALERT: DHS Buys Up Millions of Rounds of .40 Caliber Hollow Point Ammo – Police State Takeover

The Intel Hub News Brief | In the last three years numerous domestic US government agencies (with Homeland Security being the main agency) have ordered a total of over 750 million rounds of .40 caliber ammunition. On top of that they have ordered an unknown number of bullet resistant checkpoint booths.         […]

False Flag Alert: American Ambassador to Kabul Claims al Qaeda Planning 9/11 Style Attacks in Afghanistan

The Intel Hub March 31, 2012 The American ambassador to Kabul has told a UK newspaper that al Qaeda is currently planning 9/11 style attacks in Afghanistan to be carried out in the United States. Ryan Crocker, clearly pushing a propaganda, fear driven agenda, went on to claim that if the US and NATO leaves […]