Co-Ed Bathrooms in California Schools and Freedom

Co-Ed Bathrooms in California Schools and Freedom – MBS Talk Radio: Episode 1 (audio podcast) Topics: (in order) The Federal Reserve Note. “Prince Vega Exposes The Illuminati For Copying Egypt, Says George Washington Was A Fake Free Mason.” The Red-shield of Rothschild. David Rockefeller. John D. Rockefeller, the snake oil salesman, and the movie, There […]

How Bill Clinton Forced Agenda 21 on America

By Cassandra AndersonMay 19, 2013 A number of critics claim that Agenda 21 is not a treaty, so it is non-binding and that it is merely a paranoid conspiracy theory. Agenda 21 is not a voluntary program. The smoking gun is Bill Clinton’s Executive Order # 12852 in 1993, creating the President’s Council on Sustainable […]

Obama’s Austerity Agenda And Sequestration

March 22, 2013 MEDIA ROOTS — “Both parties have conspired to bring us disaster,” says Professor William K. Black, a leading white collar criminologist, who also teaches economics and law at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. “This has strangled the recovery and may even put the economy back into recession.”  Professor Black gives a crucial […]

Trans-Pacific Partnership: Agenda 21 Meets Global Corporate Takeover

Susanne Posel | The TPP, held in secret, is in actuality a multi-national trade agreement that seeks to extend intellectual property rights across the globe; creating an international enforcement scheme.              

Education is the Key to Independence in America

(Joe Joseph)    It truly is amazing when you look around, just how fast the globalist agenda/police state is ramping up in America.  There is a tremendous sense of impending doom as the “economic recovery” (fueled completely by government money) collapses, thousands of drones to the skies over our great nation, and rampant corruption infects […]

Richard Rothschild Battles Local Agenda 21

By Cassandra AndersonJuly 23. 2012 Richard Rothschild was the first county commissioner to officially oppose the United Nations’ International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI), also known as Local Governments for Sustainability.  In fact, Mr. Rothschild won the November 2010 election in Carroll County, Maryland based on his opposition to ICLEI, which is the local […]

The Entertainment Division of the Military-Industrial Complex

The Entertainment Division of the Military-Industrial Complex It was Frank Zappa who said that “Government is the entertainment division of the military industrial complex”. But he didn’t just mean the elected politicians. He meant the whole shadowy apparatus that governs our thinking and which is building to a screaming pitch in 2012 to support the […]

Alabama Adopts First Official State Ban on UN Agenda 21

Alabama became the first state to adopt a tough law protecting private property and due process by prohibiting any government involvement with or participation in a controversial United Nations scheme known as Agenda 21. Activists from across the political spectrum celebrated the measure’s approval as a significant victory against the UN “sustainability” plot, expressing hope […]

NATO Using Al-Qaeda to Destabilize Syria

(INFOWARS)   Paul Joseph Watson is joined by Syrian Girl, an outspoken activist against NATO’s campaign to use Al-Qaeda terrorists as a means of destabilizing the Assad regime. In this interview, Syrian Girl reveals the true intentions behind NATO’s agenda in Syria as well as discussing other topics such as the charge that she is a […]

“Blade Runner” Actress Mary Sean Young talks about the Illuminati agenda on Red Ice Radio (05-06-2012)

(RED ICE CREATIONS)   Mary Sean Young discusses her formative years as a Hollywood star in such hit movies as “Blade Runner” and “Dune” and how she awakened to the Illuminati agenda. Federal Jack