U.S. expanding military aid, intelligence in Africa

ShareThis U.S. expanding military aid, intelligence in Africa 25 Jun 2012 The U.S. is carefully expanding efforts to provide intelligence, training and at times small numbers of forces to African nations to help counter terrorist activities in the region, the top American military commander for Africa said Monday. Speaking to a conference that included representatives […]

New Human Haplogroup Announcements Question the ’Out of Africa’ Hypothesis

This is a really interesting story, and if true, will force at least some reconsideration of the “out-of-Africa” hypothesis currently the standard model in genetic reconstructions of human history. The evidence, according to scientists, is rather strong that the Out of Africa hypothesis, at least in its standard version, is on rather wobbly ground. Red […]

Mineral Resources Are Behind U.S. Interest in Africa

Nile Bowie | Increased public interest in Africa has a more sinister side.              

Did Europeans move to Africa to weather out ice ages?

New DNA study suggests people moved between continents before recorded history People moved between Africa and Europe long before recorded history – and the migrations might have been driven by Europeans moving south to ’weather’ ice ages. The genetic traces of long-forgotten migrations from Africa to Europe live on in Europeans today. A third of […]

“Kony 2012” a New Recruiting Tool for US-UK Aggressions and Genocide in Africa

“Kony 2012” a New Recruiting Tool for US-UK Aggressions and Genocide in Africa; Film Demands Aid for Ugandan Army, the Main Imperialist Force in Region; from Peaceniks to Warmongers for Obama. More Tarpley stuff is available at tarpley.net This video is from prisonplanet.tv Red Ice Creations News Feed              

Libya: White Flag War Crime & Working With Al-Qaeda

“To ignore the white flag of surrender, the white flag of truce, I think is a major, major war crime and one that NATO will try to cover up with all of its resources because every one recognizes that that is way beyond the pale when it comes to a war crime; failing to recognize […]

Obama sends military advisers to central Africa

ShareThis Obama sends military advisers to central Africa 14 Oct 2011 President Barack Obama said on Friday he was sending about 100 U.S. troops to central Africa to help and advise government forces battling Ugandan Lord’s Resistance Army rebels. Obama made clear the troops would serve as trainers and advisers in efforts to hunt rebel […]

Libya antes y despues

Desastre humanitario creado por la OTAN Libia antes y después de la guerra humanitaria. Antes: Libia era el primer país de África en sanidad, educación e igualdad de género. Después: Es el primero en muertos y padece una crisis sanitaria Alfredo Embid Ver Boletín http://www.investigar11s.org Investigar-11S              

US builds secret drone bases in Africa and the Arabian Peninsula

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CNN & Paul Bremer Push For Boots On THe Ground In Libya (08-24-2011)