Rainbow Spot in Chemtrail

Chemtrails: Rainbow Spot Castro Valley, California, August 23, 2013. 5:30 pm. It’s a strange thing when you look up into the sky and see a rainbow spot (for lack of a better word) within one of the spaghetti chemtrails. When we talk about chemtrails, geoengineering, cloud seeding or weather modification, I believe we are all […]

MP names undercover policeman as man who firebombed Debenhams store (UK)

An undercover police officer firebombed a branch of Debenhams as part of his attempt to infiltrate a hardline group of animal rights activists, am MP has told Parliament. Bob Lambert, who used the alias Bob Robinson, was accused of involvement in the Animal Liberation Front’s bombing of the department store in Harrow, northwest London, in […]

Undercover police can have sex with criminals, minister says (UK)

Undercover police officers must be allowed to have sexual relationships with activists and criminals they are spying on, a minister said yesterday. Nick Herbert, the Home Office policing minister, said an undercover officer’s cover could be jeopardised or they could fall under suspicion if they abstained from sex. A legal ban on sexual contact could […]

Drone strikes: activists seek to lift lid on open secret of targeted killings

ShareThis Drone strikes: activists seek to lift lid on open secret of targeted killings 19 Jun 2012 The CIA’s covert targeted killing programme will come under fresh scrutiny on Wednesday, the deadline for Barack Obama’s administration to respond to a lawsuit over the agency’s refusal to confirm or deny its existence. The federal lawsuit is […]

Media and Activists Calling for Peaceful Resistance at Bilderberg 2012

  (THE INTEL HUB)   With the week of Bilderberg upon us, alternative media and social networking sites are buzzing with talk about the big weekend.  For such a serious topic, people have been overwhelmingly cheerful and supportive of one another leading up to this event. For years many of us have watched from the sidelines […]

Lawyers Guild claims NATO activists “disappeared” without warrant or charges

  (Lee Klawans)   According to an interview with National Lawyers Guild (NLG) spokesman Kris Hermes, Chicago police officers raided a Bridgeport apartment complex on Wednesday evening without a valid warrant and detained up to nine people without cause. The NLG is working in Chicago this week sending monitors to protests at the NATO Summit 2012 […]

“We Are Change” theme song by Tommy Truther

Freedom Lovers! Our amazingly talented friend Tommy Truther has made some songs inspired by our actions and by the general spirit of Liberty that we embrace. Tom really gets the Love, and the Unity, and is unafraid to speak the Truth, so this very day, let us salute and celebrate our very own Truth Troubador. […]

Conservative activists scramble to stop Mitt Romney

ShareThis Conservative activists scramble to stop Mitt Romney 11 Jan 2012 A near-panic has taken hold among some core conservative activists, who are now scrambling to devise a strategy to deny [Karl Rove’s] Mitt Romney the Republican presidential nomination. Many of these activists see South Carolina’s primary on Jan. 21 as their last best hope […]

NY police arrest Occupy activists in raid

ShareThis NY police arrest Occupy activists in raid 04 Jan 2012 The police have raided the office of the Occupy Wall Street movement’s livestream operators in New York and arrested several activists. Citizens for Legitimate Government              

Occupy Des Moins activists vow to shut Obama campaign offices

ShareThis Occupy Des Moins activists vow to shut Obama campaign offices –To highlight its tenets, the protesters put up a hand-written sign on cardboard: ‘Obama’s Former Headquarters.’ 17 Dec 2011 Occupy Des Moines activists on Saturday vowed to shut down President Barack Obama’s campaign offices and set up a camp outside they plan to maintain […]