Former Alternative Media Head appealing criminal conviction, claimed he was framed with child pornography

Note: Posted by a anonymous family member of Brian D. Hill. His family controls his accounts until Brian is off of Supervised Release where he is prohibited from using the Internet no thanks to the corrupt politician and corrupt police that was apart of framing him. Originally by Sheila Originally sourced from Planet Infowars Originally […]

Jesse Ventura Wins Lawsuit Against Chris Kyle Estate

“I don’t feel good because the SEALs are my unit and I can’t go out to a reunion anymore, and I’ve been to more SEAL reunions than I have high school reunions and I’ve never missed a high school reunion. And I can’t go now because that was the place I felt safe and I […]

Unholy Alliance: The Federal Reserve and the Treasury

By Cassandra AndersonJune 14, 2012 The Federal Reserve and the Treasury are running a scam that funnels freshly-printed money from the Fed into the Treasury, using Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae as the pipeline.  Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae were taken over by the government and put into conservatorship in the 2008 bailout.  Freddie Mac […]

Chris Kyle Lies Then Dies: Jesse Ventura Connection

by Greg Fernandez Jr Update: Ventura Will Sue Estate Jesse Ventura has a libel suit that is set to go to court sometime around June 2013, according to what Ventura told radio talk show host Alex Jones of in late 2012. In all the media reports I have read about Chris Kyle, not one […]

Charla y demostración de ENERGÍA LIBRE Y GRATUITA en el E.S.O.A. EL DRAGÓN. Sábado 21 de Julio, 18:30.

reposteado de Después del gran éxito de la I Feria sobre Energía Libre y 156 aniversario de Nikola Tesla convocada por GTEL Grupos de Energía Libre el 10 de Julio de 2012 en el Retiro (Madrid), con hasta 300 personas compartiendo información interesantísima y crucial para seguir avanzando hacia nuestra autosuficiencia, os invitamos a una charla-demostración por […]

De un golpe de Estado a otro – Honduras (junio de 2009) – Paraguay (junio de 2012)

por Éric Toussaint Tres años después del golpe de Estado institucional que derrocó en Honduras el presidente democráticamente electo Manuel Zelaya, un golpe similar expulsa de la presidencia de Paraguay a Fernando Lugo, igualmente electo según las sacrosantas reglas del sufragio universal pero –como Manuel Zelaya– visto como un estorbo por la oligarquía paraguaya y […]

Maya Archaeologists Unearth New 2012 Monument With ’End Date’ of Dec. 21, 2012

Archaeologists working at the site of La Corona in Guatemala have discovered a 1,300-year-old-year Maya text that provides only the second known reference to the so-called “end date” of the Maya calendar, December 21, 2012. The discovery, one of the most significant hieroglyphic finds in decades, was announced June 28 at the National Palace in […]

Alex Jones entrevista a Daniel Estulin sobre Bilderberg 2012 Investigar-11S              

Bilderberg 2012 Documentary: Bilderberg It and They Will Come

(OverBitesPictures)   A documentary highlighting eyewitness accounts of the 2012 Bilderberg Group protest including Alex Jones, Charlie Skelton, and Luke Rudkowski. Director/Editor – Colin Scianamblo Producer/Cinematographer – Nigel Lyons Federal Jack              

London 2012: Olympics opening ceremony details revealed – “Green And Pleasant”

The Olympic Stadium will be transformed into the “British countryside” for the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Games on 27 July. The “Green and Pleasant” theme is a line taken from William Blake’s 1808 poem, “And did those feet in ancient time”, from a collection of writings known as the Prophetic Books. It is […]