DEPUTY STAN LENIC: Check Point Before TSA Check Point

by Greg Fernandez Jr We Are Change TV December 1, 2012 Jason Bermas twitter Ashley Jessica twitter Share your support for Deputy Sheriff Stan Lenic – We Are Change SF Article Jason Bermas and Ashley Jessica participated in the “Opt-Out and Film Week” to spread the truth about body scanners and “other invasive TSA procedures. […]

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Jesse Ventura Will Sue Over Sucker Punch/The United Police State of America

The third season for Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura has been done for over months and is “just sitting on the shelf,” according to Alex Jones. Jones reminds us that the FEMA concentration camp episode only aired one time before it was pulled off of Tru TV. He went on to explain that soon after […]

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FEMA Training document states U.S. founded on Terrorism

Author: Brian D. Hill Source: USWGO Alternative News Click here to view the embedded video. How is declaring Independence from an oppressive empire an act of Terrorism?????? According to my research, again using Google Search for .gov data files, I decided to find out what training and (un)educational materials were used to get FEMA Commanders […]

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