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Geraldine is a Certified Holistic Stress Management and Meditation Instructor, Intuitive DNA Reprogramer, Pranic, Qi-Gong and Shamanic energy healer, Ascension Coach and Abductee. She has over 14 years experience in the holistic healing arts. Her awakening and psychic abilities commenced in 2008 after her shamanic energy training but transformed in 2013 after a life-changing abduction experience, which left her an ability to see the subtle energetic and multidimensional bodies. Her unique healing modality focuses on the integration of the multidimensional body and soul fractals. By guiding direct connection to source and Breaking contractual agreements Ultimately Reprogramming the DNA in order to evolve out of the Reincarnation cycle. Mastering our complex physical instruments (our Bodies) is the key to reaching our greatest potential and succeeding as humans within the Matrix. She has undergone Regressions with Alba Weinman, Miesha Jonhston and Barbara Lamb all which she brings fourth Information on DNA ORIGINS, the hybridization program and ascension and the reincarnation cycle. For more information about Geraldine please visit and Subcribe to the Beyond The Strange YouTube Channel and please remember to set your alert bell to receive notifications of new videos, live streams and BREAKING NEWS! If you’d like to have the BTS Newsletter sent to you simply go to and click the Contact Us tab at the top and fill out your information for a monthly update about the show, guests, special content etc. Like or Friend the show on the Beyond The Strange Facebook page, Twitter, Onstellar and Instagram. If you’d like to contact me you can write to or follow me and join the NEW Beyonders Crew Group on and send me a direct message. We also have a new Discord channel I’ve set up. And all the links to past shows, guests, podcasts links etc. are at
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