Philip Marshall Questions – Last Trip To Turkey

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According to an unnamed source of Dan Hennen, Sean Marshall’s last trip to Turkey was “not planned and was quite spontaneous.” Sean Marshall is the wife of the late Philip Marshall, a man who was convinced that the official theory about 9/11 was a lie and a cover-up orchestrated by people within and associated with the United States Government. The person said that Phil was surprised by Sean’s last trip to Istanbul, Turkey. The person told Hennen he had traveled to Istanbul with both Philip and Sean Marshall in the past. The three were working on a business venture in the country.
Researcher and independent journalist Dan Hennen conversed with someone who claimed to be close to Philip Marshall. Like many people who have researched the case of Philip Marshall, the person was very skeptical of the official theory created by the Calaveras County Sheriff’s Department. “This is all so fucking bizarre,” the person told Hennen.
Dan told the person, “there was $150,000 banking transfer that went to an individual in the area on 2/6. A couple of ladies in the area have been helpful as well…One has a best friend that has a good connection with a person “involved” with the hitman…but she won’t talk…The only connections we’ve got is a post office in Vallecito…a guy who worked there for 8 months and then moved out of the area after the murders…and the kids who found the bodies.” Vallectico is 4 miles from Murphys, where authorities claim Philip Marshall killed his two teenage children and a small family dog.

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