Jesse Ventura: “They Killed Our President”

They Killed Our President
(Purchase They Killed Our President by Jesse Ventura – with Dick Russell and David Wayne)

JFK Assassination Cover-Up

“They’ve been bamboozling us for fifty years on this.” – Jesse Ventura

Today on the Alex Jones Show, former governor, veteran, professional wrestler, actor, author and activist Jesse Ventura said “two conspiracies took place” when John F. Kennedy was murdered. “The first conspiracy was that of the actual murder of our President. The second conspiracy was the cover-up of it. Some people are in both. Some people are only in one [conspiracy].”

“Someone could produce a film today of somebody shooting in the grassy knoll and mainstream media wouldn’t cover it,” Ventura told Jones.

“You’re dealing with real facts that went on and assembling the jigsaw puzzle is the real challenge…it’s like a huge jigsaw puzzle thrown on the floor and you have to take every bit of evidence and start piecing it together until you figure out what the picture is. Then when the picture comes to you, you get some closure because you truly understand it. I do not believe Lee Harvey Oswald ever fired a shot.”

Ventura is also concerned about a certain document being kept from the public, due to national security reasons. “One of the documents they won’t release is Lee Harvey Oswald’s tax return. How can that be national security? Where he made his money is national security? And how much he made? See, they don’t dare release it because if the trail led back to the government, the paper trail of the money being paid, well that again changes the whole scenario of what they told us. To me there’s no doubt in my mind whatsoever that the Warren Report is completely fraudulent. People need to understand that when you allow the government to investigate themselves, that’s putting the fox right in the hen house.”

Lee Harvey Oswald’s alleged mistress Judith Vary Baker is a big part of Jesse Ventura’s new book They Killed Our President. “Judith has some of the most explosive stuff.” According to information provided by Judith Baker, Ventura adds that “Jack Ruby knew Lee Harvey Oswald since Oswald was a child. The guy who killed him knew him. Knew him well. She went to dinner with them on multiple occasions. She knew him as Sparky Rubenstein. You know, his real name. He shortened it to Jack Ruby later.”

Ventura also talks a little about the money he made as a professional wrestler in the early days of his career. “I remember wrestling once where I had to drive a 620 mile round-trip. 310 each way and I payed for my own gas, and I ate dinner at the A&W. And at the end of the night I got a $30 payoff and it cost me $28 bucks [for gas and food]. So I made two dollars and I worked for over 16 hours, counting the driving.”

Lawsuit Update Against Chris Kyle Estate

Earlier this week U.S. District Judge Richard Kyle ruled that Jesse Ventura’s defamation case will be held Minnesota, after lawyers for Tara Kyle tried to have the case moved to Dallas, where Kyle lives.

Alex Jones briefly summarized the chain of events that led up to the defamation lawsuit. “They lied and said that he’s glad that Navy Seals died.” Allegedly, that’s when Chris Kyle sucker-punched Jesse Ventura and ran away. “There’s no witnesses,” Alex Jones continues, “and [Jesse Ventura] says retract this lawsuit. They won’t retract. He sues and says I’m gonna keep suing until you admit that it isn’t true…then Chris Kyle is sadly killed. Then the media says Jesse Ventura’s suing a widow. She has insurance. It’s News Corp. It’s the book. He’s the one that’s been defamed here and it’s a hoax that he’s going after a woman. They had these fundraisers and all this for her because the meanie Ventura is trying to hurt her. It’s not true. She has not lost anything and will lose nothing because there’s insurance through News Corp. So the issue here is they’ve run a hoax.”

Jesse Ventura then states that “the wife chose to be the executor of the estate and she knew full-well that this lawsuit was pending with the estate. She didn’t have to be the executor. You could get a lawyer to do that. You could get a friend, an uncle, anybody. She made a choice to interject herself into this lawsuit by becoming the executor of the estate, and I’m not going against her, I’m going against the massive insurance company. I’m the little guy here and it’s cost me hundreds of thousands of dollars and people are telling me I should drop it? Who’s gonna pay me back well over a quarter of a million dollars that this has cost me to clear my name?”

Tyrel Ventura, son of the former Minnesota Governor, was recently on The Rundown Live with Mike Paczesny and Kristan Harris.

Chris Kyle Lied About Jesse Ventura

What’s next for Jesse Ventura?
Will Jesse Ventura ask Howard Stern to be his vice-presidential running-mate in the 2016 Presidential Election? Find out next week on the Howard Stern Show. Jesse Ventura also has plans to go onto Piers Morgan Live next week. That should be interesting.

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