Fritz Springmeier on The Rundown Live #76

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“I dedicated my life to Christ and to peace and to obeying the Bible.” – Fritz Springmeier (The Rundown Live, 8/8/13)

Fritz Springmeier was the guest for #76 of The Rundown Live with Mike Paczesny & Kristan T. Harris.

“Back in 1975,” Springmeier told the two hosts, “I realized how corrupt this whole system is. The politicians are corrupt. The corporations are corrupt. I wanted [a] good wholesome life. I wanted to be independent of the system. I wanted to be my own person that could live a good life.” That’s when Fritz moved to live with the “Old Order Amish Mennonites” in Kansas.

Fritz stayed with the Amish in three states, moving from Kansas to Illinois, before ending up in Missouri. While living with the Amish, Fritz learned that during the Vietnam War “there were quite a few people that were alarmed because their boys were not coming back from Alternate Service, the same person. Their minds had been screwed with.” Alternative Service was the option given to the Amish males instead of fighting in combat during the war. Some of these Amish males ended up working in psychiatric hospitals, where they were “tortured” and tested on in various ways. “The type of mind control that I expose that’s done to children, they started doing that to these Amish boys” during the Vietnam War.

Fritz learned that some of the young Amish males had been used as assassins under mind control. “Why? Because where’s the best place to hide an assassin? In a community like the Amish that don’t believe in war and are peaceful.”

After spending four years with the Amish, Fritz “felt called by God to leave the Amish and come back and tell the world what was going on.” Springmeier kept “bumping into” information that eventually helped him expose the Bloodlines of the Illuminati to the world.

In 1991, after Fritz Springmeier wrote Be Wise As Serpents, he met four women who “were in the Illuminati, they were trying to escape the Illuminati…each of them had quite a few miracles for them to start breaking free of the Illuminati’s control.” This also allowed Fritz to get some inside information about the Illuminati and their bloodlines.

The American Revolution

Fritz Springmeier doesn’t believe George Washington was working with the Illuminati, “George Washington warned the nation about the Illuminati.” Springmeier believes the American Revolution was an Illuminati plan. “The American Revolution was definitely a plan by the Illuminati. It was something that they had been wanting to accomplish for a long time. If anybody wants to read about that, they should read” the literature of Manly P. Hall. “Manly P. Hall was a 33rd degree Mason,” with the title of grandmaster in both the Freemasons and the Illuminati.

Springmeier told The Rundown Live that Hall’s books explain how the Illuminati “had been trying to create a revolution. Their first try was Bacon’s Rebellion and that didn’t come off very well, but the very name revolution – the first revolution that ever had the word revolution applied to it was the American Revolution. And it’s the cult idea of revolving back to the golden age…so the very term is an occult term.”

The Beast

In Springmeier’s Bloodlines of the Illuminati he wrote, “One only has to note how important Brussels has been to the New World Order to realize that the lowlands of Belgium and the Netherlands continue to be important for the elite. For instance, the Beast – – the supercomputer which is notified within seconds of every financial transaction you carry on at an ATM is located in Brussels.” (pg. 412)

“It knows your habits,” Fritz told The Rundown Live hosts after being asked about the Beast computer; which Springmeier described as a “world brain.” The Beast computer is programed “to psychologically analyze you” a friend familiar with the computer told the author. “Everything you do, everything that you buy, everything that you send over the telephone or the internet is sucked into that Beast computer and sorted out, and is kept track of. From “what you like to eat” to everything you buy, Fritz was told the Beast computer “knows more about each of us than we know ourselves.”

There were three Beast computers; in Australia, Alaska “near H.A.A.R.P.” and South Africa. Since then, the Beast has “expanded into a whole network of computers.”

This is just a sample of the type of information Fritz Springmeier shares on the hour long episode of The Rundown Live with Mike Paczesny and Kristan T Harris. Watch the entire interview and expect Fritz Springmeier back soon on The Rundown Live.

“We’ll have to do this again because there’s a lot of things we can cover.” – Fritz Springmeier

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