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It’s been 13 years since Alex Jones and Mike Hanson infiltrated the Bohemian Grove and filmed the Cremation of Care The Cremation of Care is a satanic ritual where people sacrifice a wooden human body before a giant stone owl. The events recorded inside the Bohemian Grove were too much for me to ignore. Here were some of the nation’s self-proclaimed leaders prancing about in the woods of Northern California, peeing on trees, drinking all day and night, and discussing world politics. Some people even gave speeches dealing with national policy making. Issues that affect every American citizen, and possibly every citizen on earth, are being discussed by people who influence American and global politics. There is an enormous amount of proof that members of the Republican Party frequent the two-week encampment in Monte Rio, California. This had led some to believe that only or mostly Republican Party members visit the Bohemian Grove summit every mid-July. There is also a lot of evidence that Republican and Democratic parties are competing against each other like two teams in a baseball game. They maneuver like rival street gangs. Jesse Ventura refers to them as the DemoCRIPS and ReBLOODlicans,” explaining that both parties work within the same system. It is the system that has taken over the United States, in my opinion. I truly believe our only hope is to restore the United States Constitution, not replace it with something else. The plan of the shadow government is to dismantle the constitution systematically before replacing it with a new world order.

When we speak of what happens at the Bohemian Grove, we’re talking about human sacrifices, worship of a false-god known in the scriptures as Molech, homosexuality, allegations of sodomy, and other forms of satanic worship. As Martin Luther said, anything “that is not of Christ is anti-christ.” So if politicians are masquerading as Christians, but are in reality involved in satanic worship, I feel the least I can do is shine a spotlight on this evil and do my part to further expose the Bohemian Grove for what it really is. This is an all-male club, aside from four alleged female honorary members. The Bohemian Club has a ten year waiting list, and I believe many high-level executives in banking have their yearly dues paid by their employers.

“The greatest men’s party on earth,” according to President Herbert Hoover, happens once a year at the all-male exclusive Bohemian Grove, in the San Francisco Bay Area. Bill Clinton called it a place where Republicans run around naked in the woods. Though the Bohemian Club is not limited to attendees that are Republicans, Journalist Phillip Weiss of Spy Magazine has reported that “every Republican president since Herbert Hoover” has attended the annual gathering. David Rockefeller allegedly attended at least once in February of 1987. Rockefeller was heavily involved in the creation of the CFR, the Trilateral Commission, and the prosperity of groups like the Bilderberg Group and the Federal Reserve Board of Governors.

Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon have been photographed inside the Grove. Weiss reported that the 1989 gathering included George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush, Newt Gengrich, Colin Powell and Henry Kissenger. Nixon has been recorded vocalizing his disgust for “the most faggy goddamned thing you could ever imagine with that San Francisco crowd that goes there.” Yet he still admitted to attending this “upperclass” gathering “from time to time.” Though Nixon said he couldn’t “shake hands with anybody from San Francisco” he still attended, almost as if going to the Bohemian Grove gathering was a good political maneuver encouraged by his handlers.

Could it be similar to a college fraternity initiation? Why was Nixon, though privately, so vocal about his hatred towards the Grove and what happens there? After all, we’re talking about a hard-nose seasoned politician here. In 1971 President Nixon was set to give a speech at the “private club of businessmen outside of San Francisco,” better known as the Bohemian Club, but he canceled to avoid bringing media attention to the Bohemian Club.

There have been some reports of the club’s activities but when Alex Jones secretly videotaped the inside of the Bohemian Grove and the Cremation of Care ritual (where human-sized wooden bodies are sacrificed before the alter of a giant 40 foot owl) many people began to wonder what public figures would attend such an event?

I’ve heard it all. Is Alex’s infiltration legit or part of a bigger scheme? Many people ask how Alex Jones could have snuck into the Grove without being caught. Others assume Alex was let purposely let inside the compound. The real question is, what did Alex Jones and Mike Hanson film inside the Bohemian Grove and was it something satanic? I believe so. The Lord shines a light on evil for all to see.

These people that happily attend the Bohemian Grove encampment believe they are part of an exclusive elitist club, while I believe they are participating in the worship of the devil. There’s close to 3,000 Bohemian Club members, not including honorary members who attend annually.

Alex Jones told Russia Today, “I talked to employees that work inside the grove and they said that George Herbert Walker Bush, Bush 41, did engage in a drum circle with some of the younger people that were there. Some of the big computer company CEO’s. George Herbert Walker Bush has done this in the last few years in a row, stripping down to his underwear late at night.”

Alex talked about the Lakeside Chat agenda, where the topic of discussion was “how to expand the Arab Spring and basically have the west take over and overthrow many of the dictators that the west has been propping up.” According to people that work at the Grove, some of the guests in 2011 were Tom Cruise and Mark McGuire.

“The reason they have Secret Service there,” Jones told RT, “the reason there’s such security is because major global decisions are being made inside the North American/British power axis known as the Anglo-American establishment, that their own historian Carol Quigley wrote about.” Alex explained how West German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt wrote about “major decisions” being made inside the Bohemian Club gatherings. The Bohemian Club releases information like their lakeside chats to local media, including the San Francisco Chronicle. Viewing the headlines of the lakeside chats proves that political discussions about the future of America are taking place at the Bohemian Grove.

Sacrifice of Care

Alex Jones interviewed the locals of Monte Rio, California for his film, Dark Secrets of the Bohemian Grove. The last person to be interviewed was asked what he thought about the Bohemian Grove. The man with the blue “Cal” hat on called the Bohemian Grove summit an “elite and presidential retreat.” Alex asked if the man had heard about the rituals that take place at the Bohemian Grove.

“No I haven’t.” The man continued to talk about the rich and how they’re “a bit different.” “They’re stingy. They want to horde it all for themselves. And they think they’re gonna go to heaven. They’re not.” The man was very blunt and I could hear the frustration in his voice. He said the elites don’t know how to “do as Jesus told them to.”

Alex then asked, “What would you say if I told you that they sacrifice a human in effigy before a giant 45-foot stone owl?”
Without hesitation the man responded, “I would say that’s probably why they’re going to hell.”

“Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy and where thieves break in and steal; but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys and where thieves do not break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” [Mathew 6:19-21]

The Cremation of Care receives thunderous applause as a human effigy is sacrificed before a giant owl, while men in druid clothing watch the body burn to ashes. Alex Jones filmed his experience in Monte Rio when he and Mike Hanson posed as invited guests, entered the Bohemian Grove compound on July 15, 2000, and filmed the Cremation of Care ritual. We now have video evidence to suggest that what is happening at the Bohemian Grove is at least partially satanic. Still, there are some who disagree with the satanic angle. Others might say, “Who cares about a bunch of drunken men dressing up as druids and burning a wooden person before a 40 foot owl?” What’s important to me is who these men are, and what they are doing at the Bohemian Grove.

“Would you let your neighbor even walk your dog or babysit your children if they were sacrificing humans in effigy to some 45-foot stone owl god, and chanting, “Oh, Great Owl of Bohemia?”” – Mike Hanson (Bohemian Grove: Cult of Conspiracy)

The Bohemian Club is located at 624 Taylor Street in San Francisco, California and the Bohemian Grove is at 20601 Bohemian Avenue in Monte Rio. If the Bohemian Club is their office, then the Bohemian Grove is their golf course. The history of the 2,700 redwood forest encampment known as the Bohemian Grove dates back further than the creation of the Bohemian Club. The Bohemian Club has been through a few transformations and relocations over the years. The Club and the Grove are separated by 100 miles.

The history of the Bohemian Club dates back to 1872, but the two-week encampment at the Bohemian Grove probably began in 1878, right before one of the founding members was going to relocate to New York. A big party was thrown for Henry Edwards, a founding member of the Bohemian Club. The party took place in the redwood forest of Marin County; where the Samuel P. Taylor State Park is today.

An actor and head entomologist at the California Academy of Sciences, Henry Edwards moved to New York City after his send-off party on June 29, 1878. The next year, 1879, the party continued. This time without Mr. Edwards. A night of liquor, socializing, and sleeping in the redwoods of Marin and Sonoma County became the yearly tradition of the Bohemian Club members, guests, and entertainers.

Part of the current Bohemian Grove location was rented out from 1893 until 1899, the year when it was purchased from Melvin Meeker – who ran a booming logging business in the Monte Rio area. The Bohemian Grove property expanded over time until it became the 2,700 acre encampment it is today.

It is generally believed the Bohemian Club began as a fraternity among male journalists, artists, musicians and others who enjoyed the entertainment arts of the late 1800’s. Soon journalists and art lovers were joined by industrialists, banking elitists and government officials. Also included as members or guests are corporate CEOs, Federal Reserve Board members, military contractors, oil companies, members of big media, and high-ranking foreign officials. Membership dues pay for the expenses and maintenance of both the Club and the Grove.

Despite a long waiting list to become a member of the Bohemian Club, some people are given honorary membership titles. Others are invited guests, but mostly all are male unless they’re employees; and even then the women are restricted to certain areas and curfews within the Bohemian Grove complex.

There are over 100 camps inside the 160 acre main encampment. Some of the names of the camps are a bit creepy, like the “Lost Angels” or the “Sempervirens.” Other camp names like the “Caveman” camp or the “Silverado Squatters” sound a bit more simplistic. It’s believed the “Hill Billies” camp is where people like George Bush Sr. and sons can be found. The “Stowaway” camp is where the Rockefellers nest but the “Owls Nest” camp is where previous United States Presidents throw away their cares for two weeks.

Mike Hanson is the other guy that infiltrated the Bohemian Grove with Alex Jones in 2000. In his book, Bohemian Grove: Cult of Conspiracy, recounts his personal experience inside the Bohemian Grove and examines the history and inner workings of this annual gathering. I don’t care who was the first to infiltrate the Grove or the first to film the Cremation of Care. I just care what’s going on inside the compound, which includes sacrificing “dull care” before a giant owl-like figure.

In his book 9/11: Descent Into Tyranny, Alex Jones described the owl-like figure. “As we were walking into the Grove we came within about ten yards of the forty-foot stone owl that sits to the north side of the small lake. We were only about seven yards away from the black alter that sits at the base of the owl” (pg. 196). There’s no denying the ritual of sacrifice. Some say the cremation of care ceremony is harmless. Others believe it’s satanic. Either way, there should be no doubt that this ritual is taking place once a year behind the property line of the Bohemian Grove.

Bohemian Grove 2000

The year 2000 was a very interesting year, as Mike Hanson writes, “during the 2000 Grove summer camp, they announced Dick Cheney as George W. Bush’s vice-presidential running mate from Bohemian Grove. CNN reported in July of 2000 that the decision had been partially made and that George Bush Jr. had been consulting with George Herbert Walker Bush, the former president and his father, at Bohemian Grove.”

This was the same year Hanson and Alex Jones infiltrated the Bohemian Grove “summer camp.” The date was July 15th, 2000. “The two of us managed to sneak into the Grove and captured everything we saw on videotape.” Had they not been equipped with hidden video cameras, I wonder how many people would have taken their story seriously. I wonder if I would have believed them myself. Probably not.

My Spiritual Quest

The hidden video footage of the Cremation of Care will forever mark a turning point in my life and my spiritual journey. Here was the physical evidence of what I already knew in my heart. The devil is not an allegorical figure. It is the temporary ruler of this world, of this physical presence every human is a part of. The Bible clearly states that the devil is the ruler of this world for a short time. “My kingdom is not of this world,” Jesus Christ states in John 18:36.

Thousands would flock to Christ, for they knew he would heal them. Their belief that Jesus Christ was the one they had been waiting for was what truly healed them of their sicknesses. In The Christ’s home of Nazareth “he could do no mighty work there, except that He laid His hands on a few sick people and healed them. And He marveled because of their unbelief.” (Mark 6:5-6)

There were multitudes who knew who Jesus was. The Scripture speaks of thousands of people at a time being fed by Jesus. The Christ laid his hands on the blind and made them see. Jesus looked into the souls of the crippled who believed in him and made them walk. He even brought a little girl back to life. And as the end of the Gospel of John we read, “And there are also many other things that Jesus did, which if they were written one by one, I suppose that even the world itself could not contain the books that would be written. Amen.” (John 21:25)

Just examining the things we do know about The Christ, I have felt his love jump off the pages of the living word and into my own heart. The darkness that clouded my mind faded as I read more about Christ. Imagine thousands of people seeing Jesus from afar get on a boat and head into the sea with his apostles. “Many knew Him and ran there on foot from all the cities.”

Jesus and his disciples were on their way to a deserted place to rest after hearing of the beheading of John the Baptist by King Herod. When they arrived to the deserted place, thousands were waiting for them, hoping to greet Christ and hear his teachings.

“And Jesus, when He came out, saw a great multitude and was moved with compassion for them, because they were like sheep not having a shepherd. So He began to teach them many things.” [Mark 6:34]

I often feel like one of those sheep who ran across the cities, around the sea, just to be near The Lord. What God shows me, I must observe. What I observe, I must put into action. God did not desire for people to sacrifice their children to Molech. If powerful people who run this world are participating in or orchestrating the Cremation of Care ritual at the Bohemian Grove, then the public has the right to know who they are and why they would attend something like this.

More so, if these people are masquerading as Christians, men of faith, or moral human beings, then the truth of their involvement in the Cremation of Care should be exposed. We will continue to expose the horrors surrounding sacrificial death and the child-rape that John Decamp speaks about in his book, The Franklin Cover-Up.

Spiritual Weapons

God explained to Jeremiah that the people of Israel and of Judah turned their backs on him. “And they have turned to Me the back, and not the face; though I taught them, rising up early and teaching them, yet they have not listened to receive instruction. But they set their abominations in the house which is called by My name, to defile it. And they built the high places of Baal which are in the Valley of the Son of Hinnom, to cause their sons and their daughters to pass through the fire to Molech, which I did not command them, nor did it come into My mind that they should do this abomination, to cause Judah to sin.’” (Jeremiah 32:33-35)

People passed their sons and daughters through the fire to Molech, all because they were deceived by the evil one. If we don’t read the scriptures we may miss the warning of what we should not do, but more importantly we will miss what God wants us to do while we are here on earth. Spread the Word. Spread the truth. Spread the Way.

Dark Secrets Inside The Bohemian Grove

I was looking for information about September 11, 2001 when I came across Alex Jones’ Dark Secrets: Inside Bohemian Grove; a documentary video exposing a bunch of men in Druid costumes burning a human effigy in front of a giant 40 foot owl, before a crowd of happy Grove members and selected guests.

A carving on the side of the owl reveals the symbol of Molech or one version of Molech. Molech is just another name for the devil, in my opinion. I believe all evil relates back to the devil. That doesn’t excuse the evils each human chooses to do. False idols like Molech, Remphan, Tophet, and Baal serve to promote evil and spread the word of the devil; which can be viewed as belief that the God in the scriptures is not real, or that there are multiple Gods, or that you are your own God. These are all beliefs that require your consent.

In the Forward to Bohemian Grove: Cult of Conspiracy Texe Marrs writes, “It appears that the ancient Canaanite and Hebrew deity “Moloch”…is represented at the Bohemian ritual by a 42-foot (some say forty foot) tall owl-like figure. Shrouded in flames, this owl deity is surrounded by Druidic priests and other characters. During the ceremony, chosen “victims” are sacrificed. Their screams and shrieks pierce and shatter the still night air” (pg. xxviii).

Participation in things like the Cremation of Care gives the devil your consent, to an extent that God allows of course. Sodom and Gamora were destroyed for a reason. So if the actions of the Bohemian Grove are similar to those of the two fallen cities, then the Grove may suffer the same fate.

If Senator John Decamp’s book about claims of child abuse on Bohemian Grove property is true, the truth should come out. Those who testify to such claims should not be ridiculed, harassed or punished with years in prison. That will cause more victims to think twice about coming forward with their stories of similar abuse. John Decamp was sued for his claims and won the lawsuit, so what does that tell you? If you’ve never read The Franklin Cover-Up by John Decamp, please consider doing so.

Mike Hanson wrote, “The Bohemian Club’s historical annals even admitted their obsession with the occult, and what they called “Druid rituals.” Amongst the great redwood trees they revived ancient ceremonies that in truth had their roots not in the Druids, but in Babylon itself.”

Who Goes To The Grove

“Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves. You will know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes from thorn bushes or figs from thistles? Even so, every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a bad tree bear good fruit. Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. Therefore by their fruits you will know them.” [Mathew 7:15-20]

So who are the people that attend the Bohemian Grove annual gathering? More so, who attends the Cremation of Care ritual and why? Bill Clinton was asked about the Bohemian Club. “The Bohemian Club?” said former President Bill Clinton during a speech. “Did you say the Bohemian Club?”

“Yeah,” responded the man who dared to ask the former president such a question. As Clinton answered, the man was escorted out of the building for speaking out of turn.

Clinton continued, “That’s where all those rich Republicans go up and stand naked against redwood trees, right?” The crowd responded in laughter. “I’ve never been to the Bohemian Club but you ought to go. It’d be good for you. Get some fresh air.”

I don’t believe the Bohemian Club is limited to Republicans dancing naked in the woods, but it’s important to note that former Presidents Calvin Coolage, William Taft, Theodore Roosevelt, Richard Nixon, Dwight Eisenhower, Ronald Reagan, George Bush Sr. and Jr. have all been known to attend the Bohemian Grove festivities. Henry Kissinger has admitted to attending the Grove. James Baker and Dick Cheney have also attended the Grove. They’re all Republicans.

Alex Jones stated, “There are about ninety-five different clubs within the Bohemian Club. All the different club houses and log cabin-style mansions that are built into the cliffs have different names and different memberships. The most elite club, according to press reports, is Mandaley, with Henry Kissinger and Paul Volkner, former Federal Reserve chairman and other New World Order bosses.”

Mike Hanson wrote that “about one-fifth of the members are either directors of one or more of the Fortune 1000 companies, corporate CEOs, top government officials (current and former) and members of important policy councils or major foundations. The remaining members are mostly regional business/legal elites with a small mix of academics, military officers, artists, or medical doctors. Most of them are Californians, 70 percent or more are political conservatives, and 99 percent of them are white. And all of them are very, very rich.” (pg. 35)

Some of the known members of the Bohemian Club include writers Mark Twain and Jack London. Some of the attendees, not necessarily members of the Club, included Nelson Rockefeller, Charlie Chaplin, Barry Goldwater, Bing Crosby and former German chancellor Helmut Schmidt.

In the forward to Mike Hanson’s book, Texe Marrs wrote that “Nixon also admitted that it was the warm and enthusiastic reception he received after one of his talks at the Bohemian Grove encampment that proved to be the catalyst for his subsequent successful political campaign for the presidency of the United States.” Marrs added that Ronald Reagan’s “talk to the assembled movers and shakers translated later into media support and millions of dollars in the Reagan campaign coffers.”

During their infiltration, Alex and Mike saw only one African-American, and they suspected he was a simple worker at the Grove, not a member. The presumed-employee was the one handing out full-color programs about the 121st annual Cremation of Care. The man noticed Alex and Mike walking faster than the other people in the crowd. The two wanted to get a good spot to film the Cremation of Care ritual.

Hanson purposely wanted to sit behind the other members, as he did not want anyone behind him. Someone might notice he had a hidden camera in his bag. Of course, someone could have also noticed that Hanson forgot to cover the red record light on the camera. God was with them.

Two Witnesses

Alex Jones and Mike Hanson were able to witness the Cremation of Care first-hand, and film it in its entirety. They almost got caught several times while inside the encampment. When questioned, Jones just said he was with the Hillbillies. “The Hillbilly Camp is the camp that the Bushes are members of,” Alex Jones later recalled for his book, “along with many other notables in American industry, banking, media, and government.” (pg. 197)

Before the Cremation of Care began, Mike Hanson was handed a printed program of the 121st Annual Cremation of Care, “which would imply that the first such ritual took place in 1879.” Hanson is certain that at least by 1913, the Cremation of Care was taking place inside the Bohemian Grove.

Alex Jones wrote in Appendix B of his book, 9/11 Descent Into Tyranny:
“The feasting revelers were beginning to break up and to travel down paths toward the lake. We decided to go ahead and mix in with them and go where they were going. They were going toward the east side of the [river] bank about one hundred yards across the north tip of the lake where the idol and altar stood…Then, out of the woods, all of the sudden came thirty priests in black robes, their faces painted up like death, with a man dressed like the Grim Reaper pulling a wagon with a bound body. Then we noticed something that we had seen during the day. Large black canopies had been unfurled out of the trees on the western side of the bank (we’re on the eastern side – only about 70 yards away at that point) and they unfurled those, and the wagon pulled behind it…The reason I was able to see the priest in the black robes, the priest painted-up like death, and the bound body on the back of the wagon, was because they were all carrying torches. The place was pretty illuminated by the torches being carried by the thirty priests in front and the thirty priests behind the wagon…The wagon went behind these big black sheets hanging out of the trees, down to the ground, obscuring the view, and for about 10 minutes nothing happened…So, the priest talked about “goodly Tyre and Babylon.” Well,, there is only one “great owl” of Babylon and “goodly” Tyre. If you read your Bible, or any historical document of the time, they were burning children in the Babylonian and Canaanite kingdoms before the owl-god Moloch…there was an old-fashioned river-style boat, with that grim reaper character who had been driving the wagon, and he was poling himself across the water with the bound body up on the bow. He brought the bound body to the high priest who was waiting for it at the foot of the owl, at the bottom of large circular steps on which the owl sits. Then, in very macabre fashion, the two black-clad priests rubbed and caressed the sacrificial body and brought it before the owl. The body begged for its life, over a speaker system…The body again begged for mercy. The high priest then walked down (with some difficulty, because this high priest was so old, he could hardly even walk), and lit the pyre on fire. He began to say that he would read the signs in the remains, a deep occult tradition. This is not the Hollywood devil with red pajamas – this is the real deal, Babylon mystery religion-style. The body continued to scream in pain. Suddenly, all of those little metal crosses that we had seen along the bank during the day burst into flame. So, I was there witnessing something right out of the medieval painter Hieronymus Bosch’s Visions of Hell: burning metal crosses, priests in red and black robes with the high priest in a silver robe with a red cape, a burning body screaming in pain, a giant stone great-horned owl, world leaders, bankers, media and the head of academia engaged in these activities. It was total insanity.”

“This has really been life changing for me, to go in there and witness this and then have some people spin it, like, “oh, it’s just fraternity fun.” These people were deadly serious. This is a story that needs to be told and the establishment is trying to suppress it. Please spread this information to every corner of the world.” – Alex Jones

Alex Jones Meets David Gergan

Alex Jones confronted David Gergan, a self-proclaimed member of the Bohemian Grove. This was on-camera, live, and can be seen in the Alex Jones film, Dark Secrets of the Bohemian Grove/Order of Death.

Alex Jones: I read a Washington Times article many years ago where you had a comment about the [Bohemian Grove] , now it’s been in the Wall Street Journal…and that’s the Bohemian Grove and back in 1996 when you joined as a Clinton advisor, the republicans were criticizing you, ‘Oh, what about the Bohemian Grove’ and then you countered them by saying, ‘Hey, I don’t run around in the woods naked’, what did that mean?

David Gergan: I don’t know what quote you’re referring to…I’m a happy member of the Bohemian Grove…I like the folks who come there and it’s really inappropriate for me to talk about the group beyond that.

Alex Jones: Have you been there for the ceremony with the Cremation of Care?

David Gergan: Frankly, I don’t think that’s something I need to talk to you about.

Alex Jones: Really?

David Gergan: That’s right.

Alex Jones: Well I’m Alex Jones and I snuck in there in 2000. I’m the guy who blew it wide open, that got the video, it’s been in National TV.

David Gergan: Well, I disrespect you for that.

Alex Jones: There’s a lot of big public officials in there, don’t we deserve to know?

David Gergan: I’m sorry. You took an understanding when you went in there that you would not do that film. Did you have an understanding when you went in there?

Alex Jones: No.

David Gergan: Did you crash it?

Alex Jones: Yes.

David Gergan: Yeah, and they have no trespassing signs there doesn’t it?

Alex Jones: No, they put them up after. I just walked in.

David Gergan: I’m sorry sir. I’ve been there before…and I’m sorry you violated the understanding. That was not a gentlemanly thing to do.

Alex Jones: Well, what about the rituals? Were the rituals gentlemanly?

David Gergan: Sir, everything – that you, I-I don’t owe you this comment.

Alex Jones: I know. I appreciate it.

David Gergan: This is what you call ‘Ambush Journalism’ and I disrespect you for that as well. Thank you and goodbye.

Alex Jones: Have you ever been to the ritual? (The Cremation of Care ritual uses a fake body to burn before the fake god, known in the Bible as Molech)

David Gergan: That’s none of your damn business…listen, you go and make understandings with people and violate them, you ambush people on the street. That’s an inappropriate form of journalism…if you want to be uncivil and rude and ungentlemanly, that’s up to you.

Alex Jones: You guys are setting policy in there, Mr. Gergan.

David Gergan: I’m sorry, nobody sets policy in there. We try to be gentlemen and obviously, you don’t belong there.

Alex Jones: “Weaving Spiders come not here?” (David Gergan walks away)…(to his cameraman) Yeah! That is a three pointer, whoooo!!!

Bohemian Grove 2013

13 years after Alex Jones and Mike Hanson infiltrated the Bohemian Grove, interest in the activities at the Grove continues to grow. This year, like last year, many members from We Are Change SF & East Bay will join in the protest against the Bohemian Grove two-week summit.

The fight against evil is the choice between temptations from Satan and following God. I don’t know about Mr. Gergan, but I would not want to associate myself with willing Satanists. I don’t think God would want any of us to encourage this type of behavior, whether we take part in the ritual or not. When God shows me stuff like this, it strengthens my spirituality beyond what I thought possible.

Leviticus 18:21 – “Neither shall you give any of your offspring to offer them to Molech, nor shall you profane the name of your God; I am the Lord.”
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