California trying to ban hunting ammunition

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Mike Lelieur

California Senate District 17: Your State Senator Needs to
Know that YOU OPPOSE Banning Traditional Hunting

If enacted, Assembly Bill 711 would make
California the first state in the nation to
prohibit the use of lead ammunition for
ALL hunting. Such a ban on traditional
ammunition would have devastating effects
on hunting and conservation. You cannot
let this happen!

heard in the state Senate Natural Resources
and Water Committee on Tuesday, June 11.
It is CRITICAL that YOU contact your
state Senator, BILL MONNING, who is a
member of the Senate Natural Resources
and Water Committee, to strongly but
respectfully urge him to OPPOSE AB 711.

Please forward this alert to friends, family
and sportsmen throughout California urging
them to contact their state Senator also. A
united effort is necessary to stop this
egregious and misguided legislation.

State Senator BILL MONNING can be
reached by phone at (916) 651-4017, fax at
(916) 445-4662 and by e-mail at

Be sure to check
out’s shocking new video
opposing AB 711 and its recent hard-hitting rebuttal to the bill sponsor’s alleged
“facts” sheet in support of the bill. This
video and the rebuttal reveal the truth
regarding lead ammunition, and expose the
misinformation being spread by the
ammunition ban proponents in their latest
attack on hunters that is being disguised as
a campaign to “get the lead out.”

Please act now! Visit the
website and Facebook page and “like” us,
“share us with your friends, and anyone
else you think may be interested in helping
to fight this serious assault on hunting. You
can also follow on

Please help get the word out! Forwarding and
posting this e-mail in its entirety is
allowed and encouraged.

You can also remain informed on important
issue to hunters, like California’s AB 711 and
other attempts to ban traditional
ammunition at
Your NRA-ILA will continue to keep you
informed and fight this deeply flawed
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