Chris Kyle Lies Then Dies: Jesse Ventura Connection

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by Greg Fernandez Jr
Update: Ventura Will Sue Estate

Jesse Ventura has a libel suit that is set to go to court sometime around June 2013, according to what Ventura told radio talk show host Alex Jones of in late 2012. In all the media reports I have read about Chris Kyle, not one has mentioned that retired Navy Seal Chris Kyle alleges he sucker-punched Jesse Ventura at a bar owned by a former Navy-Seal.

A January 7, 2012 article by Paul Joseph Watson points out that “Kyle claims that he met Ventura in a bar in Coronado in 2006 while Ventura was in town to speak to a new class of SEAL graduates at nearby Naval Amphibious Base Coronado. Also present were family members holding a wake for Michael Mansoor, one of the first SEALs killed in Iraq. Kyle claims Ventura began loudly objecting to the war in Iraq before calling the troops “murderers” and saying “we deserved to lose a few guys”. Kyle then claims he punched Ventura, knocked him to the floor, and quickly ran away.”

The article also includes Jesse Ventura’s response to the alleged incident on his Facebook page (because “The Body don’t tweet”):

“The event this man spoke of never happened. I have been to Mc P’s many times since leaving the Navy. I was never there alone. I was always accompanied by other people. If this happened 6 years ago, someone would have known of it before now. Certainly in the UDT/SEAL community it would have been known. This has to be news to all of us. I have always opposed the war in Iraq but I have never spoken or wished any ill will towards the soldiers. My heart aches that soldiers have died or been wounded because this war should never have taken place. I am perplexed over the agenda this man has and why a fellow Navy Seal would tell a lie about an event that never happened. Clearly between this story and the previous week’s story about supposedly getting pulled over for tailgaiting in CA that was also a lie, someone is out to destroy my credibility. I find it very interesting that both these stories are being spread by Fox news and it’s affiliates. As a Navy veteran you realize you can’t believe every sea story you hear. Let me finish by stating both of the recent two national stories about me are completely untrue lies, neither event ever happened.”

So now what happens to the lawsuit filed by Ventura? Jesse even offered to settle out of court if Kyle agreed to admit he lied about the incident and pay for Ventura’s lawyer bills. Kyle refused. It’s very clear that Kyle was going to be embarrassed by the lies he put in his 2012 book, American Sniper. Some believe Kyle was persuaded to tell lies about Ventura. Kyle claimed to have eyewitnesses who would verify his allegation of punching Jesse Vetura for badmouthing United States soldiers.

Jesse Ventura made it clear he has multiple witnesses who know the incident never occurred. Among the witnesses is the owner of the bar involved with Kyle’s claims. Jesse Ventura’s libel suit against the retired Navy Seal is supposed to take place sometime around June 2013. I’m not sure what this means for the lawsuit but many believe Kyle’s death is suspicious. The timing of the double murder by ex-Marine Eddie Routh and Jesse Ventura’s lawsuit could be pure coincidence or there could be more to this story.

When any human being dies, it’s a sad day. The murder of former Navy Seal Chris Kyle has raised a lot of questions. Chris Kyle and 35-year-old Chad Littlefield were shot in the head at close range. 25-year-old former Marine Eddie Routh allegedly shot Kyle and Littlefiled at close range at Rough Creek Lodge in Texas, Saturday, Februart 2, 2013 around 3:30 p.m. Routh was arrested in Lancaster, Texas shortly after. It’s said that Kyle was helping Routh deal with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD. PTSD is a serious issue that Jesse Ventura has talked about many times. Ventura is not sure why Kyle lied about the sucker punch but since that time the former Governor has admitted he does not feel comfortable around some of the younger Seals, especially if they are capable of out-right lying about Ventura talking negatively about American soldiers. Anyone who can get on YouTube can watch Governor Ventura talk positively about soldiers. To say that Jesse Ventura, a former soldier, a man who was silenced by MSNBC for his stance on the Iraq War, would be happy that any U.S. soldier died is ludicrous in my opinion.

There are many details to sort out with the murder of Chris Kyle and with Jesse Ventura’s libel lawsuit against the former Navy Seal and his book publisher.

So what’s true? You decide. Is Kyle’s death just a random coincidence that coincides with a certain lawsuit that would have seen Kyle pay a large sum of money for lying about Jesse Ventura? Was Kyle ever going to reveal the reason why he lied about the incident? What we know right now is two men are dead, Kyle being one of them, and one lawsuit is still pending. Where do we go from here? This article is in no way meant to attack someone who has died. I wrote this because I felt this side of the Chris Kyle murder has not been given any attention.

We will keep you updated as this story unfolds.

Here’s the claim Chris Kyle made about Jesse Ventura

Here’s Jesse Ventura’s response on the Alex Jones show
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  1. JV DID CK! says:

    Jesse “The Body” Ventura did it and everyone knows! Just go back and watch building 7 fall on 9/11. 7+9+11=27. 3 is the number of Coca-Colas I drank yesterday. 27/3 = 9. 6 is the number of times Jesse Ventura has pumped off Alex Jones. 9-6=3. 30 is the amount of points the Ravens will score in the super bowl.

    Which equals, 3:30 EXACTLY the time Chris Kyle was fired upon. JV DID CK!

  2. There are ways to create a provocative headline without crossing the line into trashy and classless. It looks like you need help in this department. I would be glad to help your organization gratis in this area; it can be determined fairly quickly if your staff even has the potential to be trained in such matters.

  3. Walt Flowers says:

    To say that connecting a killing to making defamatory claims of physical attacks on brothers in arms is classless…..refuses to make amends for the fact that fighting and killing in general is widely accepted to be already beyond the pail of Class entirely. Let it go. Give it a few days and come back and read the headline again. You may see it altogether differently. These guys cover the hard-edge of the news. The news other outlets aren’t typically going to touch. Understand that or continue to get your panties in a wad. The living and dying of Kyle connects with Ventura’s life because of the pending lawsuit drama which will now be blown to a whole new proportion that has fore to now gone relatively unnoticed. It doesn’t mean or even necessarily imply that Ventura is connected to the “killing” of Kyle. It just shows the connection between Ventura’s and Kyle’s lives.

  4. Greg Fernandez Jr says:

    Just spit it out. If you have a problem with the article, post your problem and we can go from there

  5. You cannot say Chris Kyle lied or Jesse lied that has yet to be determined. What is evident is you lie or are extemely delusional with this line.

    “This article is in no way meant to attack someone who has died. I wrote this because I felt this side of the Chris Kyle murder has not been given any attention. ”

    The murder was on CNN, Fox and MSNBC. Those sources are hugely bigger than your little area of the net. So it was given credit and attention. You wrote this to take a jealous verbal jab at a seaman that gave more than you ever could. Then try to hide behind a crappy statement that you just did.

  6. are you THE Douglas Stewart?! Thank god you are here to help and make everything OK. Thanks so much for your help, sir…you’re a legend in the headline business!

  7. Keith Fleming says:

    I have problem with headline douche bag. You don’t know who is lying in this instance. Any moron (including you) can certainly figure out the inference being made. Both men are patriots. This headline is a disservice to both. My guess is Mr. Ventura would say the same.

  8. Zach Allen says:

    What makes you think that Kyle would have lost the lawsuit? It seems to me from some little research that I did, that he has a good number of witnesses to back up his claim. No offense to Mr. Ventura, I respect him for serving in our military, but since his retirement from service, it seems to me that he has done a lot to make sure his name and face are still recognized by the public. He has done a lot to try to remain famous. You write assuming that the whole thing was bogus, but what proof do you actually have that this didn’t occur?

  9. Thanks for the article, I have read many stories about Kyle being killed and all stories share the same view. We don’t have a clue why this happened and none mention Jessie Venture. I feel certain the seals were about to be branded as liars or the powers that be would have been proven to have coaxed Kyle to lie.

  10. very cowardly not post what I said. The truth is you are a coward, you stated
    “This article is in no way meant to attack someone who has died. I wrote this because I felt this side of the Chris Kyle murder has not been given any attention.”

    You were called out and you deleted. You do not have one tenth the guts as the man you posted about!

  11. Derek Mclaughlin says:

    LOL – lying-ass Chris Kyle gets his comeuppance. Douche. (D.R.I.P. – Don’t Rest In Peace)

  12. You are a real piece of shit to dance on Chris Kyles grave. Chris Kyle had at least 7 witnesses lined up to testify that he was telling the truth, but I notice you didn’t include that detail in your screed.
    You are just another conspiracy sheep, riding on the Alex Jones bandwagon and getting jerked around by your paranoia, you are too stupid even for this digital rag.

  13. Bikercliff says:

    total disinfo article

  14. greg fernandez jr says:

    wheres the disonfo?

  15. greg fernandez jr says:

    i didnt delete anything. what are you talking about? dont call me a coward unless you have something to back it up with

  16. greg fernandez jr says:

    The only one whos dancing on his grave are those who refuse to look at the facts about kyle and his bullshit story about ventura. he is atraitor to his seals. YOU DO NOT ABANDON YOUR BROTHERS! NOR DO U TELL LIES ABOUT THEM. get a clue. he had no eye witnesses. the only piece of shit is someone who believes kyles lies over many navy seals who all know this is bs. kyle couldnt even get his story straight. i guess u cant either.

  17. greg fernandez jr says:

    stop douchin around here. we are actually trying to present another side to this guy. don’t like it? truth hurts

  18. greg fernandez jr says:

    thank you for taking the time to read. i spent hours waiting for someone to mention jesse ventura. no one did. so i made this article. Fact is, seals dont turn their backs on each other, or they didnt before. and i cant condone that behavior knowing a former seal myself. theyre great people. and maybe kyle got caught up in a bigger scam. i didnt focus on that because i cant really prove it yet. what i put in the article is all i can prove right now. and if im wrong, please let me know. i wont get offended if its valid

  19. I guess this disclaimer at the top was missed:

    Content on WeAreChangeTV is the opinion of the original poster, not necessarily of WeAreChangeTV, its owner, moderators or any other chapter of WeAreChange

    What staff is being referred to here? Because all I see is people taking time, unpaid, to post some interesting stuff on here.

  20. Article was published Feb 3rd and has not even been edited as of feb 6 3:14pm, so how exactly was anything deleted? That would mean you had to have been there when the article was being written, and disagreed with the author. In which case, you, like anyone else on this website, is free to write their very own article with their own views and understanding of a situation and having it posted here.

  21. I sometimes wish people would state WHY something is a disinfo article rather than just making a statement like that. How on EARTH does that help unravel such complex subjects and get the info flowing?

  22. greg fernandez jr says:

    the evidence is in the article you tool. Jesse Ventura is your evidence and this june the evidence was set to go to trial. where is kyles evidence? he has none, and he changed his story a few times. get your facts straight or go back to the mainstream sector. we r not playing pussy foot here. we are discussing the real issue here. CHRIS KYLE LIED. deal with it. more so he lied about a soldier. how disrespectful are you towards the former navy seal jesse ventura?

  23. greg fernandez jr says:

    you have a problem with the truth. the headline is true. so is your doucheyness.

  24. greg fernandez jr says:

    both men are patriots? no one is a liar and the other is not. if you cant see that inference then u are not looking at the facts. but dont worry. it will come out that he lied and then you can come back here and apologize. i will want it in writing.

  25. greg fernandez jr says:

    the only coward here is the ONE WHO LIED!! stop worshiping liar. just tell the truth.

  26. greg fernandez jr says:

    there is no dis-info here. lol. did chris kyle lie? YES. did he die? YES. 2 facts that even a moron like me can see.

  27. greg fernandez jr says:

    sorry about the second reply. it was not meant for you.

  28. greg fernandez jr says:

    the burden of proof is on kyle. he made the claim that no one else saw INCLUDING THE OWNER OF THE BAR. if you really think ventura would say what kyle said he did, about fallen soldiers you are lying to yourself.

  29. greg fernandez jr says:

    both men are patriots? no one is a liar and the other is not. if you cant see that inference then u are not looking at the facts. but dont worry. it will come out that he lied and then you can come back here and apologize. i will want it in writing. get a clue man. youre mad at me for this article that tells the truth but not mad at kyle for lying? go back to sleep you douche bag no talent mfer

  30. greg fernandez jr says:

    who the f would want douglas stewart to help them. help yourself and get off my article you tool. what i presented was the truth. Remember this article in June. if you think ventura is a liar then just do em a favor and go away back to your own little corner.

  31. greg fernandez jr says:

    get a life

  32. greg fernandez jr says:

    make sure you read the article before you comment. and remember there are ways to check your IP address so shills and trolls beware.

  33. greg fernandez jr says:

    157 likes against a hand-full of tools. nice try :)

  34. CHRIS KYLE writes a book to make money from his sevice in SEALS. What SEAL would do that.? He says he punched VENTURA and ran away? What a coward. KYLE has no evidence. ALL to sell a freakin book.
    What happens in the SEALS stays. NO SEAL would disparage another to sell a book. BAD KARMA!

  35. So Chris Kyle lied about something? And that undoes any good he ever did for anybody? You also make the error of assuming that Jesse Ventura’s side of the story is fact, and you present it as so. The truth is, neither side was ever proven. Go ahead and call me a tool, douche, moron, etc. You come off as an insecure man-child. Learn to deal with criticism, and people disagreeing with you. It may help you improve in a lot of areas. You could start with your grammar. Congratulations on your facebook likes though :)

  36. Greg Fernandez Jr says:

    Ok “Dave” lets go through it. I apoligize for my passion on this issue and for any personal attacks. obviously i don’t really know if you are a douche, a troll, a tool, ect. I know ive been caled these things but who cares in the bigger picture? Criticism should be welcome, but I am human, I make mistakes. All I can be is myself. I dont care about offending people – though i never do it purposely – and I don’t care about facebook likes which are meaningless. 157 likes was just to show that more people agree with me on this article than disagree in the comments. so lets go through your comment.

    “So Chris Kyle lied about something?” Yes. as the article clearly states, Kyle has no basis for his claim and he even changed his story.

    “And that undoes any good he ever did for anybody?” Absolutely not. Nobody said that, so try not to assume things that are in your own mind – not mine.

    “You also make the error of assuming that Jesse Ventura’s side of the story is fact, and you present it as so. The truth is, neither side was ever proven.” This is like saying 9/11 was not an inside job because it was never proven in court. like syaing the same thing about JFK. Use your common sense and you will come to a common sense conclusion. and as the article states above, the case is going to trial sometime in June. so you will see the truth by then I am sure, if you are a rational person.

    “Go ahead and call me a tool, douche, moron, etc. You come off as an insecure man-child. Learn to deal with criticism, and people disagreeing with you. It may help you improve in a lot of areas. You could start with your grammar.” I think your comment says all i need to say about you. Did you actually read the article? I have no problem with constructive criticism but lets be real, the negative comments do not deny anything in the articel except for the fact that Kyle lied. if you think Ventura would do such a thing after everything he has done for the troops, all he has sacrificed and been censored and attacked for – then I think you are full of shit, or this is a rib. isnt it strange where the negative comments come from IP-wise? lol.
    If you have some constructive criticims bring it on. Or else please stop trolling. I’ve given you everything you need to know to back up that this is a false accusation. I dont understand how learing to deal with criticism is going to help my grammer but its sad that someone with such poor grammer as me can see the truth where you cannot. Isn’t that sad? What does that tell you?
    using common sense one cannot deny that christ kyle lied. and when it comes out, I want you to come back here and apoligize to me. If you are a real man. See you in June.

  37. Greg Fernandez Jr says:

    Johnny thats the whole point. Well said

  38. kimpunkrock says:

    As soon as I read he was killed in the newspaper I thought about the Jesse VEntura connection and how it wasnt mentioned once. I agree the timing is suspicious. He was probably killed to cover up other things that he knew about, maybe the fake Bin Laden death.

  39. a real seal keeps his trap shut.. lives humbly… they dont write a book, look for kudos and try to make a brand off of killing little teenage dune coon’s, this dude was a piece of shit and the fact he got shot in the head with a mil-buddy and couldnt defend himself or his friend proves how fucking worthless of a lying sack of shit he was… why you looking to punk j ventura?? still got a taste of kyles dick in your mouth? fucking asshat…

  40. Chris Kyle had plenty of witnesses, and that’s a FACT………Read!

  41. Jesse Ventura is an American Hero. Chris Kyle was a thug, a coward, a mass murderer, and a liar.


  43. steve amberson says:

    Everyone has told a lie at some point in their lives. That includes Chris Kyle, Jesse Ventura, me and you. People that tell lies are called liars. We will find out who lied about this incident @ some point. Give it a rest until then.

  44. Just because he was the “owner of the bar” doesn’t mean he was around. Was he bartending that night? I know many “bar owners” who aren’t in their own bars because they own it! Jesse ventura has become a huge wack job in his later years and this doesn’t shock me or seem like a stretch for him. He’s openly been rude and hateful about the Iraq war, why is it a stress that he would piss on someone in the war?

    And your headline is very biased.

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