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by Greg Fernandez Jr
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There are still many questions that will be addressed, I’m sure. Is this a chemtrail? If it has chemicals in it and leaves a trail, then Yes! So anything that has a chemical can qualify as a chem-trail? No. What separates contrails from chemtrails is that contrials dissipate within minutes. chemtrails do not. can i conclusively prove that chemtrails are real? If people think chemtrails are contrials then Yes. So how the team made these number clouds will be interesting to note. Some people say canola oil is used to create the clouds. That would be good news for sure. As long as it’s not toxic, what’s the problem? Things like this could actually bring more awareness about chemtrails and their true origins.

(photo by Manny Trev)
Hey creators, what did you use to create those clouds? Is it wrong that I think they look like chemtrails? Is it bad that I noticed that the clouds did not dissipate as something like contrails would? Hey, we’re just asking questions here. Answers will be forthcoming about this event where UC Berkeley graduate ISHKY and a combination of artists, scientists and programmers created the “Pi in the Sky,” as the ISHKY article states; which is the title of the Half Moon Bay Patch article.

From the website Ishky’s article “Pi in the Sky” is sure to get more people to look up into the sky every now and then. Doing so, I believe one may notice some strange similarities between chemtrails and the Pi in the sky. I can’t be so quick to jump to conclusions but I am very curious to know how these clouds were created, and if they’re environmentally safe. Aren’t you curious too? The Sky Writing is part of the Zero1 biennial digital arts festival in the San Francisco Bay Area.

(photo from
Ishky’s article is short, sweet, and to the point. I don’t know the exact date of the article but it was written before September 12th, so I’m disappointed this isn’t bigger news. This seems like something the mainstream media would have latched onto. What’s wrong with sending a subliminal message to look up in the sky, or to think about Pi, or math and science and how they work together with computer technology. There’s nothing wrong with an environmentally-safe Pi in the sky. So what’s the harm in asking for more information about how the clouds were created and how the airplanes were synchronized? Should I expect an answer? No, but I’ll be glad if we get one.

Ishky’s “request” was seen today, September 12, 2012, from San Jose to San Francisco before the sequence of numbers circled back towards San Mateo, Redwood City, Palo Alto and Mountain View. At about 12:56 pm (Pacific Standard Time) the circle back to the San Jose ZERO 1 Garage was be complete. Have we not seen chemtrails along this same patterned route? I’m not saying there’s a connection, and I have no clue as to Ishky’s intent beyond what the website states. Specifically interesting is this quote, “The piece will dissolve into an unprecedented visual anomaly that prompts curiosity, providing rich opportunity for social interaction.”

That statement is so vague that it begs for speculation, in my opinion. Or perhaps it speaks for intelligent conversation. Perhaps only those who were involved know for sure. “Go with what you know,” a wise Walter Bradley once told me. What we know right now is very little. Going on that, I know I have many more questions to be answered. The one question that I haven’t seen asked enough is how they made the clouds. A follow-up question would of course include “why do these clouds have similar traits as chemtrails. If one does not believe chemtrails are real, then the question is irrelevant.

I do believe there is a difference between contrails and chemtrails. I do not know exactly where the event that took place today fits into that debate, but that’s because I don’t know a lot about the science and technology that went into making the Pi in the sky. So I can’t even begin to speculate on the motives, especially when there are so many people involved in a project like this. If one percent of those people has a sinister motive, we know how that can turn out. Compartmentalization is a vital tool of the Illuminati, or whoever you think is behind such sinister motives.

So at 11:45 am this group of artists, programmers and scientists orchestrated a public art exhibit for the citizens from San Jose to as far as San Francisco. Five “synchronized” (what appear to be) black or blue “aircraft” flew across the sky “equipped with dot-matrix technology” creating cloud dots to write the first thousand numbers of the infinite Pi formula. A sixth plane would document everything. Each number was “over a quarter of a mile in height.” “Presented in collaboration with Airsign” is at the top of Ishky’s article and he also teamed up with Stamen Design; described as “a world-class creative firm specializing in data-visualization.” According to the article, Stamen Design will help “develop a platform for the public to document and share experiences of the event.”

(photo from
The five synchronized aircraft’s “100+ mile loop” went around the Bay Area with such precision it makes one wonder if the aircraft used with the dot-matrix technology was unmanned aircraft. Or perhaps the it was aircraft with remote capabilities? More than likely these were just the best pilots I’ve ever seen up close. I counted seven aircraft with my eyes, but either way it doesn’t matter. What matters is that this is not the first time I have have personally seen numbers in the sky within the last year. This is not the first time this has happened along the same Bay Area route. More so, this route is also where we see a lot of chemtrails filling up the sky. They start out like contrails, but unlike contrails they do not dissipate – they actually expand into giant cloud-like shapes. Unless one watches the full transformation of trails-to-clouds it’s hard to visualize what I am trying to write. Some chemtrails linger for hours. Some have rainbow colors inside of them. Some are very thick and some are mixed in with contrails.

Finally, I have one more point to make, and I think the various photos out there will help prove me right or wrong. From where I was filming, it appeared that the numbers were being written backwards; meaning the numbers displaying Pi were meant to be seen from outer space, as opposed to from ground-level. So if this art exhibit was meant to prompt “curiosity” and provide a “rich opportunity for social interaction”, then it leads me to wonder, who was the social interaction meant for, and is it excluded to ground-level visuals? Or was it also meant to stimulate or reach those beyond ground-level Earth? Only those who orchestrated this event know for sure.

(photo by Manny Trev. Manny took two photos and they look like mirror images; one is backwards to the naked eye, but one is not.)
I asked a question on Facebook about how they made the clouds. Seems like a simple enough question. Like the art in the sky, my question was erased from the “Pi in the Sky Community Page about ZERO1”. ( All attempts to contact Ishky have failed thus far, but I will not give up until I am proven wrong about my suspicion of chemicals being used to sky-write. I am baffled that most of the comments on their community page are about how cool it looked. The real question is what was used to make the clouds, and why do they look eerily similar to what we believe are chemtrails?

So I leave you with one last cryptic question. Is the ISHKY article “Pi In The Sky” a play off of the Alan Parsons Project’s music video of “Eye In The Sky”? Listen to the words. Regardless if the skywriting is related to chemtrails, I hope the event on 9/12/12 reminds more people to look up at the sky every once in a while.

UPDATE: 9/13/12 – The Chem-Trails are back with a vengeance
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    Looks like progression of II (pi) without the starting numbers (3.147….)

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