Photos of the June 2nd 2012 Occupy Bilderberg Protest (12 Best photos)

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Author: Brian D. Hill

Source: USWGO Alternative News

As all of you have been waiting for, photos of the Occupy Bilderberg protest on June 2nd 2012th at the site of the Bilderberg meeting, a criminal gathering by over 100-200 of the most powerful criminal corporate, banking, and political elites without the right of the press to cover what has been discussed at these meetings.

There were a lot of protesters and every hour the amount of protesters has increased as some got there at a later time. All at Occupy Bilderberg to protest the criminal banking and corporate elites that want to terminate most of the worlds population through the barrel of a gun.

The photos are organized by my top 12 best photos based on my own tastes and photo quality recognition skills while looking through my photos to determine what photos I should add to this short article. They will also be enhanced with contrast and leveling on my photo editing software to make sure these photos are professional and expose the criminals at the Bilderberg meeting. The Bilderberg were meeting at the Westfields Marriott Washington Dulles Hotel in Chantilly, VA near the Hyatt Place hotel where Alex Jones and his crew was staying at. I have met with Alex Jones and had my photo taken with him and then got portions of video of him interviewing Stewart Rhodes.

So anyways here is the photos. I will do the best I can to identify who is in each photo if needed.

Note: If you wish to post any of these photos on your website or share them anywhere including forums, Please give credit to photographer Brian D. Hill (Myself) and USWGO Alternative News ( These photos were all taken on June 2nd 2012.

All photos are small in this article so it can load quickly. Click on these smaller photos below to view the more large photos. In other words the large photos are directly linked in each photo below. So click the image to get to the bigger size picture.

The Fairfax Police were right on the opposite side of the Westfields Marriott Hotel in Chantilly, VA. Looks like they were watching the protesters like a hawk and looking for jay walkers to arrest, no offense to good cops out there, I know your doing your job even though the very people your protecting are felons and international war criminals.

Looks like well over seven officers as there were some on the other entrance plus the service entrance including the 2nd layer of police security. Barricades were added for the protesters of the Bilderberg Group meeting. Of course there were fences around the front of the entire complex then of course there were side woods which anybody can sneak through until cops put up police line tape from tree to tree across the side of the complex.

Uh Oh cops!!!! It’s the TRT the Tyranny Response Team – Better be on your best behavior police!!!

Are these guys Bilderbergers or are they security heads or are they hotel employees?

let’s leave that to our imagination :)

A sign a protester made which shows the Pentagram symbol which is considered a Satanic symbol, then there is the all seeing eye, and then a Nazi symbol and then down below it says it equals the Bilderberg Group on an upside down American flag. Pretty creative protest sign!

A lot of protesters have turned out for the protest at Occupy Bilderberg.

The Westfields Marriott with two cops standing to the right of the side where the second road comes into the complex. Nice flowers in HELL Bilderbergs!

A protester (You can tell because of his bullhorn) is walking with his wife/girlfriend/sister to the Bilderberg protest area.

There were reporters there and even a Ron Paul for President sign. Ron Paul is not a establishment puppet, but Mitt Romney and Barack Obama is.

You can tell a lot of people wanted to expose the Bilderberg Group. See how many people showed up!

Where is the Bilderberger if not in this car with dark tinted windows??? Maybe I need to ask Sherlock Holmes to investigate!

The Cops are just waiting around board that they are protecting such spoiled brat criminals.

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