Arizona man arrested after rescuing and adopting drowning raccoon


When 57-year-old Stan Morris saw a raccoon drowning in the Colorado River, he decided to put his own health at risk by saving the struggling animal. Seven months later, the good-hearted deed landed Morris in jail.

Before his arrest, Morris and the raccoon he affectionately named “Sonny,” had developed quite a bond, according to the Associated Press. Morris told police he first looked online to see if it was against the law to keep a raccoon as a pet. When he didn’t find any information telling him otherwise, he decided to adopt Sonny.

Technically, it is legal to keep a raccoon as a pet in Arizona, but an owner must first obtain an exotic animal license or permit. Most states that do allow raccoon ownership recommend adopting one from a professional breeder.

[Editor’s note: Makes perfect sense, right? A man is walking around with a raccoon perched on their shoulder, not bothering anyone. Complaining or tattling is obviously the only course of action. This isn’t straight out of 1984, is it?]

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  1. Stan Morris says:

    If you remember the raccoon story from 4 months ago; I finally go to court for possession of restricted wildlife the 18th of July

  2. Please use contact us link to let us know how this unfolds. We can try to get you hooked up with someone to help you out beforehand as well, if you want

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