Morgellons disease probably a delusion, feds say

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Morgellons disease probably a delusion, feds say26 Jan 2012 Morgellons disease – a creepy illness that leaves patients with painful lesions, gives them a feeling that bugs are crawling all over their body, and has them seeing colorful, threadlike fibers poking through their skin – isn’t infectious and probably isn’t caused by anything in the environment, according to the first government ‘study’ of the condition. Rather, [chemtrail-spawned] Morgellons is likely to be a mental illness and should probably be treated with the same drug and psychiatric care that works for people who suffer delusions, researchers with the U.S. Centers for DiseaseControl and Prevention said Wednesday. [I’ve seen a lot of garbage spewed by the lying sacks of sh*t aka US government/Pentagon, but this one takes the cake. In fact, it takes the whole bakery. –LRP]

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