Racing To The White House


The Republican Debate circuit has become an absolute joke as of late. It was bad enough that the main stream media would not give Ron Paul or Jon Huntsman any time but now they are taking it to the extreme with a media mogul running a debate before the Iowa polls open up. What a farce this is turning out to be. Maybe we will be lucky enough to see this become another one of the political gaffes the top dog makes before their meteorite decline to earth.

First it was Michelle Bachman, then Rick Perry, Then Herman Cain and now Newt Gingrich. I make no qualms about it, I do not like Newt one single bit. I think he is a conceded blankity blank who will do nothing but continue to the push toward a new world order. While Obama makes George Bush look like his student, Gingrich will do the same for Obama. There will be no one left in the party afterwards to save the country once Newt sinks the ship.

The Republican Party, for whatever


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