Ron Paul Feels Like A Canary In A Coal Mine

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By Sophie Quinton,

Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas., said Thursday that there’s a reason why his presidential campaign lacks media attention: he’s speaking truth to power.

“I think I’m attacking the status quo like never before,” Paul said on MSNBC’s ‘Morning Joe.’ “They’re not going to give me a boost because I’m challenging the whole banking system, the military industrial complex, the welfare state, our foreign policy.”

“I think there’s a lot more support out there for what I’m talking about than they realize,” Paul said.

Paul pointed to a recent straw poll win in California and enthusiastic crowds at the University of Iowa as evidence that his libertarian ideas have gained traction. Paul is notorious for attracting enthusiastic crowds of college students.

The crisis in the euro-zone is just the latest proof that the world system has gone awry, Paul said. “This whole economy has no cards left to play,” he said, “just as communism went to the dogs.”

“We all face the same problem: nobody wants to admit the truth,” Paul said of indebted Western nations. “The world is bankrupt, the system is bankrupt, it’s not viable, and we’re facing the same consequences because we spent way beyond our means and nobody wants to cut.”

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