Copwatch@Occupy Oakland: Beware of Police Infiltrators and Provocateurs

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Copwatch@Occupy Oakland: Beware of Police Infiltrators and Provocateurs


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Provocateurs Circulate Anti-nonviolence Flyers At Occupy Oakland Protests

As general strike looms, shady group promises to “go beyond” peaceful protestSteve November 1, 2011 A crudely worded flyer handed out among Occupy Oakland Protesters has raised concerns that provocateurs are attempting to instigate violence in an attempt to de-rail plans for a general strike this week. The flyer, pictured below, presents a rambling argument suggesting that anyone who engages in or supports nonviolent protest is “unwittingly complicit with the constelation of power that wages a daily war against freedom and peace”. The flyer, signed off by an anonymous group calling itself ‘The Oakland Liberation Front’, suggests that engaging in non violent protest classifies as acting as “an auxiliary of the police force”. “How dare you even ask for non-violence”, the flyer states, referring to the fact that police have already used violence against protesters. Last week’s confrontation culminated in Iraq war veteran Scott Olsen being seriously injured as “non-lethal” explosives, tear gas and rubber bullets were employed in an attempt to disperse protesters. read more here:  
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