Sedo Gets Exclusive Listing on Domain Name



Just about a month ago, Bloomberg BusinessWeek posted an article about and how the domain name could generate quite a bit of money for its rock band owners. The gist of the article was that “interest in is intense now but could plummet if the domain’s owners hang on too long.”

With the next presidential election fast approaching, it seems that the owners are under the same impression. According to a news release this morning, is now listed for sale exclusively at Sedo. Based on the sales page at Sedo, it appears that Dave Evanson is the broker for this domain name.

The BusinessWeek article created even more interest in the domain name, and the owners thought it would be a good time to try and sell it. ”We were floored by the worldwide press and interest in our domain name that soon followed the initial story in Businessweek. After being overwhelmed by the multiple offers that were arriving daily, we thought it was prudent to seek out the best brokerage to help represent the band, and Sedo was the clear choice,” said Stuart Chatwood, bass player of The Tea Party.

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