Congressmen and staff ignore my questions on super congress


Source: YouTube, We Are Change

Note: I get treated by quite a lot of people in Washington D.C. as some sort of weirdo because I asked them questions for my documentary. To simply inform Americans or anybody in general people like me are treated as annoying common flies and pests.

Click here to view the embedded video.

(Filmed in Washington D.C.)Out on the street Brian Hill the USWGO founder, We Are Change news contributor, and FederalJack reporter reveals that the congressmen/congresswomen and their staff ignores any questions on camera regarding any political issue including issues regarding the Super Congress.

As I reexamine the video the 2nd guy is either a page or a congressional staff member. The first guy looks like a congressman.

This footage was filmed in Washington D.C. around the House of Representatives Office Building. – Learn the truth – We Are Change peaceful activism group – Conspiracy is no longer theory at FJ

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