Activists Join Forces Against Bank of America in LA

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(UPRISING RADIO)   On Wednesday* Rose Gudiel, facing imminent eviction from her home by Fannie Mae and One West bank, was arrested for protesting outside of a Fannie Mae office in Pasadena. Yesterday, in a crowd of 2000 protestors in downtown LA, she announced that Fannie Mae was halting the foreclosure process, and would give her an opportunity to modify her loan. Rose was a guest on Uprising last week and she is an activist with Refund California, the group responsible for yesterday’s massive march and demonstration in Los Angeles . The Refund California coalition mobilized around the message, Make the Banks Pay. Joining in yesterday’s action were Occupy LA protestors (who, contrary to media claims, were not the event organizers), and SEIU locals, members of the Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment and many others. A rally at California Plaza in downtown LA at lunch turned into a long march through LA’s financial hub, winding its way past Citi bank and Chase bank, where employees promptly locked and guarded their doors until the mob passed. The march ended at a Bank of America branch at 7th and Figueroa, where Refund California protestors wrapped fixtures in crime scene tape and hung a novelty size check in the window for the amount of $ 673 billion dollars, made out to “the people of California” as payment for the economic damage the banks have caused. Protestors staged a sit-in and 10 were arrested for trespassing. Yesterday was the culmination of months of planning and two weeks of similar protestors organized by Refund California.

The Uprising crew, Sonali Kolhatkar, Martina Steiner, and Laura Mann were at the event and bring you this special report featuring the voices of various activists from Refund California and Occupy LA, as well as on-lookers on their lunch break.

ERRATUM: During our live broadcast we erroneously announced during the show that Gudiel was arrested on Thursday. She was arrested on Wednesday outside of a Fannie May office in Pasadena.

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