Internet shut off at Wall Street protest, part of the agenda?

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Several activists are reporting that internet signals and access are being blocked at the “Occupy Wall Street” protest in New York. This same tactic has recently been employed at Bay Area Rapid Transit protests on the opposite side of the continent in San Francisco to shut down cell phone service. See a trend?

It is becoming quite obvious that despite the repeated betrayals of government, they want to take away the one thing The People still have: civil disobedience and a redress of grievances. The conviction of truth seekers and activists attending such events may be the only useful tool. The establishment can try as hard as they want, but these folks are so convicted that they will get their message out at all costs. Activists are now using cell phones for video and live feeds, the message WILL get out to the world, even if only one news station covers it. The real question on everyone’s mind, however, is if this Wall street protest is legitimately grass-roots or just a controlled opposition effort to raise tensions for something down the road.

When Iceland decided to stand up to the bankers, it was the alternative media that got the word out. Mainstream media? Crickets chirping. Unfortunately, it appears the fiasco in Iceland was a ploy to fasttrack Iceland into the European Union. Hopefully enough folks share said alternative media articles to let the rest know that resistance is possible, as well as exposing the bad deal that EU type membership really entails for such countries. When the color revolutions hit Libya and Egypt, it was also the alternative media who pointed out the propaganda and little known facts (for example, Libya’s new central bank). Let’s also not forget the Tea Parties which were started by 9/11 truthers and Ron Paul types wanting to End the Fed.

With such widespread control over technology and reporting tools, one begins to wonder if we will have to regress to carrier pigeons or seldom used methods for getting the word out. With gas being unavailable to the Wall Street activists, will we soon see a new Paul Revere type rider instead of getting Twitter updates? Many have warned about widespread riots and food shortages for years, these protests may just be the beggining. Even if this “Occupy Wall Street” event is just another planned bread and circus outlet for people legitimately concerned with the direction of the financial turmoil.

If you are of the opinion that this Wall street event is controlled opposition, try not to get too mad at those posting stories about it, or it’s supporters. Instead, try some civil dialogue. Pointing a confrontational finger or posting that XYZ Smith is an infiltrator will not only alienate some folks who are actually innocent and truly mean well, but honey almost always gives much better results than vinegar. Some people spend the majority of their time online reading and analyzing any number of sources and may have a bigger picture view, but not everyone has done as much research as others and may not have a certain grasp on things. By remaining respectful and sharing ideas we have a much better chance of more information being absorbed by others in the community. Remember that the majority of the protesters are truly fed up. Wouldn’t it be cool if they surrounded the Fed? Stay vigilant and think outside the box.

Just a note on the video below, it’s obviously posted by someone still caught on either side of the false left-right paradigm (both sides are sold out), but it does document the censorship by Yahoo

Yahoo caught censoring Wall Street protest e-mails

Update: Yahoo has apologized for the censorship, claiming it was unintended. Ok, then. The apology is available here.  
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  1. We the people will not give up. We’ll figure a way around this. Corruption must be stopped…doesn’t matter if you are left or right…we are in this together.

  2. This is grassroots, but in order for it to take off it needs something more.

    Open letter to protesters:

  3. Whatever. Lazy kids with nothing better to do are annoying busy folks with actual lives. They’ll grow up someday, or maybe not.

  4. Christoffer says:

    Contact Anonymous if they are not already aware of this…

  5. I am middle aged, married with kids, working all our lives. I’m not a college kid with nothing to do. Do u think corruption is OK? If not, then what do you suggest people do to stop it? I’m just asking. :)

  6. I believe we should use the information we gather from others to formulate our own opinions on any situation. If we do that, we will find the truth that is pertinent to ourselves, and be able to give this information to others, allowing them to find their truth.

  7. U\You sir apparently have a job. have you heard how many people are unemployed. These people don’t have jobs and there very few available.

    So what happens when you become unemployed doe to loss of more jobs.

    These kids are right on.

    At one time I was jobless and homeless and employment was high but not as high as today. I was fortunate to land a respectable paying job. Today I am retired. Thank you. I’d sure hate to try to find a job today the only thigs that are available if that are McDonalds or the like.

  8. It is these kids who will change our future. At least they care enough to go out there and make a difference. I grew up in the 60’s and this is what it takes……….

  9. What? They want to interupt the video connection? Then i will have to see by my own whats going on there! Where is my tent?

  10. step 1. use big brother’s services.
    step 2. get mad when big brother pulls said services.
    step 3. wonder why noone listened to that frothing idiot who would insist on everyone using open source technologies.

    or not.

  11. MacKenzie A. Ryan says:

    I find it impressive that people are taking a peacful approach to openly protesting Wall Street and the U.S. government’s seeming inability to do anything but make the lives of the Everyman in this country a living hell. It will be interesting to see whether it has any kind of impact, but I do agree that more may be necessary, though to what extent exactly short of open violence (unacceptable) is anyone’s guess.

    Oh, and Anonymous Retards, I have a response to your immature, elitist comment: If this kind of thing offends your Tea Party, extreme right-wing concepts of how you should be protected because someone doesn’t agree with the way that things are being handled, then do us all a favor, and keep it to yourself, please. We have seen what happens when the Right holds the highest office in the land (see; Federal surplus disappears, replaced by ENORMOUS Federal deficit). I would rather live in a country where people tell their elected officials that they need to stop acting like spoiled little brats who aren’t getting their way, and actually do the job they were elected to do, than live in a country where the opinions like yours get people shot (see; Libya, pre-Arab Spring).

  12. I am middle aged mom as well. If someone doesn’t stop it, we will have no life or future. Its not just young college kids, it young old middle aged, its about standing up for yourself. Not sure what’s lazy about that. Its people like you who sit back and criticize the people who are doing all the work. Glad your generation is not the future of this country.

  13. Lesley Scheller says:

    Another working (entire youth, adult life) but near retirement aged adult here concurs entirely with MelodyAtHome and thinks this issue so vital to our times that Anonymous Retards should open ‘their’ eyes and ears, button ‘their’ lip and in the future be glad the rest of us have been here to protect YOUR wellbeing as a citizen of the USA/world as well as our own.

  14. your name says it all…..although add ignorant as the last name

  15. Your username sounds like a perfect description of you.

  16. Corey Mondello says:

    Didnt Obama and Hillary come out against Iran and China blocking web from thier citizens…oh wait….thats right…. only in the USA, what is wrong is right and what is up is down and when FOX is the #1 outlet for news to Americans and the owner is Murdoch, the USA is in its own alternate universe where the USA is the most peaceful country in the world.

  17. David Connell says:

    WTF? Did anybody notice the point of the article. THEY SHUT OFF THE INTERNET TO CONTROL THE POPULATION. Where the hell are we, this is what the Arab Spring dictators did to try to subdue the public outcry. The point is not who’s protesting what and why, the point is they are behaving like autocratic monsters who are afraid of the truth and are defending themselves by repressing the voice of the people and should not be tolerated no matter what the subject matter. I don’t care if they were protesting Michelle Bachman’s hair do, they have a right to gather, they have a right to protest and they have a right to communicate. We have a Constitution that guarantees such things and it should not be ignored!

  18. I don’t know how old you are, but corruption and having our civil liberties systematically stripped is something we should all stand up against, no matter your age.
    People of all ages are waking to the fact that we do in fact have the power to stop corruption and human rights abuses. Anyone with half a heart or half a brain can see the impact corruption is having on our daily lives. Accountability is the future and the future is now. Knowledge is power.

    Yahoo admits to censoring e-mails regarding the Wall Street Protests. Corporate America already feels their bottom line is threatened and will bend to public pressure when their shareholders no longer profit from corruption and human-rights violations. It’s happening all over the world making lives better for the other 99%. We are the change.

  19. I have created a website for progressives and the people who love them called the Anti Drudge Report. I am following this story there. Please check it out and let me know what you think?

  20. No tents – just a sleeping back and tarp. Police will sieze it.

  21. if its peaceful, we win again. if not, its infiltration. only those on the ground participating will know the truth I suppose. so while i disagree with what anonymous did at the BART protests, if the people in this protest are not violent and dont disrupt other citizens, how can i not support their freedom to protest?

  22. david the other point might be to create a protest in order to have a reason to shut down the internet. “they” may be running both sides of an operation; a double edged sword, if you will

  23. This is my favorite part of the article “Pointing a confrontational finger or posting that XYZ Smith is an infiltrator will not only alienate some folks who are actually innocent and truly mean well, but honey almost always gives much better results than vinegar. Some people spend the majority of their time online reading and analyzing any number of sources and may have a bigger picture view, but not everyone has done as much research as others and may not have a certain grasp on things. By remaining respectful and sharing ideas we have a much better chance of more information being absorbed by others in the community. Remember that the majority of the protesters are truly fed up.”

  24. IN rememberence 9/11 what i remember is titanium pratt and whitney motors disintegrated on impact into the pentagon when anyone with a third of a brain would know this is not possible…..or three steel frame buildings collapse due to fire..(.official explanation)…

    .first time in history for both of these incidents..
    .if you believe your government than you truly deserve to witness the fall of rome and the destruction of humanity .
    .these are the people who are in control of the country…obviously there not very smart to come up with such bullshit….they should be easy to beat…
    for those that are to stupid …..then stay a sleep…you will be conquered much easier that way..

  25. Indignants Wall Street.

  26. The corporate elite and the banking cartel bought off at least 70% of the politicians on both sides. It will take solidarity to take back the government and give it back to the American people. Strength in numbers is the only way to win this.

  27. What do these people want? write them a check, buy them food, give them some money, what. They are parading on public property, but assume no responsibility for that property. Who will pay to pick up the trash they leave behind, what about the human waste they deposit. The expression of their rights, infringes on the rights of others. To walk, use the park, live in peace. Please go home. Pray for winter

  28. i scanned through this article and noticed that it supports the occupy movement right off. i noticed that it compared it favorably to the Iceland protests, but then pointed out that those were just a ploy to accomplish something else. That makes the comparison a bad one, if you are trying to say good things about occupy, why compare them to a fake, or co-opted similar protest in a positive way? Shows that the author isn’t too bright.

    Then i noticed the line about the Tea Party being started by 9/11 truthers. This shows that the author truly is either a complete idiot, or a deceptive liar. Or both.

  29. wearechange says:

    Tim, you seem to have not at all grasped the warnings of the article. You also attack the writer because they point things out that don’t line up with your preconcieved belief system.

    Fact: Tea parties throughout the country in 2006 were all about 911 truth.

    You may have been one of the latecomers to the party in 2008 or so, when most neocons joined after the establishment spent quite a bit hijacking the movement.

    Too many dated articles, postings, flyers, pictures and videos from 2006 tea parties depicting 911 truth messages for you to ignore. Is the author really both deceptive and a liar or is that just your default accusation when you disagree with something despite overwhelming evidence?

  30. ThinkingOutsideTheBox says:

    It is people like this who will have their rights taken away, right from under their nose, and not even know it.


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