California bill would wipe out independent and private businesses

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This is an announcement from September 4, 2011

Say “No” to Buddies and Beneficiaries, Governor Must VETO B Lab’s AB 361

Contributions to this report from Stephen Poole and Wynne Coleman.
There are big bills pending in California right now that will ultimately wipe out independent and private businesses. One of them is AB 361 which establishes “California B Corp Benefit Corporations,” a program for buddies and beneficiaries who agree to advance the principles of Sustainable Development and Agenda 21.

The vehicle for passing this bill is California B Corp AB 361. It has already passed the California Senate and Assembly. It’s on its way for the Governor to sign but there is still time to veto it.

Here is an easy to understand summary of B Corps:

Benefit Corporations, known as B Corps, are a new type of corporation and business sector that purports to “use the power of business to solve social and environmental problems.” In reality these corporations support the implementation of Agenda 21 Sustainable Development which is based on 3 objectives known as the 3Es. The 3Es are Economy (public private partnerships), Environment (earth before man), and Equity (social engineering). Other terms for the same objectives are “People, Profit, Planet” or “Triple Bottom Line.”

Because B Corps are legally recognized by government for their willingness to undertake Agenda 21 Sustainable objectives, state and local entities will be encouraged to allow these companies to go to the front of the line for licenses, permits and tax incentives. The companies that refuse to become benefit corporations will have to wait.

As more companies allow themselves to be “certified” or rated by third party entities (such as B Lab) for their pro-sustainability practices, the pro-sustainability companies will be given incentives to work with others of like mind and will come to favor each other (sort of like a brotherhood of businesses). Those who do not practice sustainability will be excluded. You don’t need to peruse it, just skim down the pages of this B Lab – B Corps 2011 Annual Report and you will see how the B Corps are already working with each other and cheering each other on.

Of course, eventually, it will be the big companies that get the favors from government by going along with Agenda 21 sustainability practices, including the idea of benefit corporations. These favors would not only be in the form of tax breaks or incentives, but also include special permissions to build on or set up business in prime locations. Large companies have the financial means to implement the agenda on a large scale that the little companies may not be able to accomplish. Corporate monopolies will result.

Government uses these elite businesses to accomplish their social engineering ideals and also to acquire more power without having to answer to voters.

Recently it was announced that Green Plus – Institute for Sustainable Development, is offering small rural business ways to become certified in sustainable practices so they can qualify for business loans and other programs. This is another way some businesses, even small ones, think they can profit from going sustainable.

Stephen Poole has written a comprehensive 4 part article entitled,
Benefit Corporations: Expansion of the Public-Private Fascist State, Part 1
Part 2, Part 3, Part 4
Wynne Coleman has a one page article on B Lab with easy links to explore for other States involvement and also a commentary on the connections between Benefit Corporations, Public Private Partnerships, Sustainable Development and U.N. Agenda 21,
B Labs Benefit Corporations Won’t Benefit You

There are national groups promoting these corporations in many states. To see the list of States, including California, where B Corp legislation has been proposed or passed go to:
If Governor Brown signs this legislation it will be a giant step into the unknown. The text of the bill doesn’t even try to define what the standards will be — only that there will be standards, and that those standards ARE NOT subject to the approval of the voters but instead a yet-to-be-named “third party.” In short, the governor should not sign into law a bill that has the potential to give economic carte blanche to a group or organization that the public has neither vetted nor approved.

Say “No” to Buddies and Beneficiaries.
The Governor must VETO B Lab’s AB 361.
Contact info for Governor Jerry Brown:

Phone: 916-445-2841
Fax: 916-558-3160
Address: State Capitol #1173, Sacramento, CA 95814


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  1. thank you so much for writing this article. its very important, and as usual alternative media is becoming mainstream media as min stream media takes a back seat to real news – that is geared towards TRUTH not an agenda. God Bless

  2. Yes, B-corps typically take “sustainability” very seriously, as should everyone. But not sure where you get the connection between UN A21 and B Corps. Nor is a triple bottom line philosophy related to UN A21. There is no implicit connection nor implied connection. Moreover, there are no special “tax breaks” (etc.) associated with AB361. It appears that you are creating a straw man.

    Here’s the problem. In California, directors of corporations MUST (by law) maximize shareholder wealth. If directors make any decisions that could be construed as reducing the potential for shareholder profits, the directors could be sued, even jailed. It’s a fascinating historical study that traces this legal theory back to the Puritans, who argued that, in essence, business and “social good” should not be combined — whereas the Quakers said business and social benefit should have the -option- of going hand in hand. The Puritan ideals became law.

    Corporate law should be modified to allow directors to make decisions based not just on pure profit motive, but also based on the needs of their employees, their community, their environment, their suppliers, and so forth.

    AB361 does not mandate than corporations alter anything, nor does AB361 grant “special favors” or “tax breaks” to any business. If a corp wants to continue doing “business as usual,” that’s up to them. AB 361, as I read it, simply gives corporate directors the OPTION of legally making decisions that may not always be 100% focused on pure profits (an option they currently do not have).

    I formed my corporations in Nevada and Wyoming for this reason — California tied my hands, and forced me to be a person who had to ALWAYS consider PURE PROFIT MOTIVES in business dealings. I refuse to do that. It’s actually kind of sick and greedy, and it’s built into our legal system.

    At least 15 states have already passed similar legislation giving corps this “Beneficial” option. AB 361 is good law in that NOTHING is forced upon anyone, and I challenge you to find anything where any existing status quo is -mandated- to change on account of AB361. This law simply gives the legal standing to those who want the option to do business a little more compassionately, a little more consciously, and little more connected to the needs of their community and the real world.

    It’s about time we crawl out from the Puritanical “black and white” separation of “business” from “empathy” and move closer to a Quaker position where real life is a head-heart balance, a spiritual continuum rather than a collection of black and white moralisms.

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