New documentary: UFOs, Aliens, and the Question of Contact

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This video explores the secrecy surrounding the greatest cover-up of all time, presenting an overview of the UFO phenomenon, aliens, abductions, disclosure, and hyperdimensional realities. Based on “UFOs, Aliens and the Question of Contact“.

This full length film is based on an article available here and brings up some wonderful information regarding possible disinformation agents, manipulation by the establishment and a bird’s eye view at the entire phenomenon.

Length: 1hr 50min

Produced by TimeOfTransition

The director’s website is

UPDATED film (April 28, 2913)

ORIGINAL Video with Subtitles


Video without subtitles

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  1. Player sucks :/ blank raster w/audio.

  2. Roger5462 says:

    This is a possibility even though it is an unpleasant one. But if they just want our minds to produce emotions for them to consume, then we can resist them. Do not believe in anything that takes you hostage and makes you fear unnecessarily such as the docrine of an eternal tormenting hell. A benevolent Creator would find a way to reconcile, rehabilitate, and restore everyone.

  3. I honestly don’t understand why all you Ufologists, continue to wait for
    your respected Gov’s, to ‘come clean’ ———— they won’t!
    Ignore them ——————- we allready know the various Govts are
    Do yourselves a favour ————– FORGET THEM!
    Eventualy, the various Gov’s will have no alternatives, but to OWN UP!
    Don’t forget, the Gov’s are in the MINORITY!
    It’s been going on for far too long!


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