Debt Ceiling

by Caden Gianni

The debt ceiling is not the problem, it is the debt itself. Government succeeded in raising the ceiling, yet failed in decelerating default. Promised cuts in spending do not outweigh the increase in the debt limit. These reductions are spread out and enforcement of them will fizzle. A “Bi-partisan” budget committee is responsible for delivering mandates over the $1.4 trillion in additional cuts, which they will forget about. The Congressional Budget Office projects that $9.5 trillion in new debt will be necessary over the next 10 years. Assuming all reductions follow through, which is highly doubtful under current economic conditions, we would still be facing $7.1 trillion in accumulated debt. A brief study of Washington’s economic assumptions versus actuality will reveal the relevance of their assessments. Over estimation has become and acquired pattern of behavior and I assure you if they estimate any growth of indices at x% it is at least half that, if not less. With anemic levels of immediate cuts in a 3.8 trillion dollar budget, this is sheer nonsense. Dealing with the dreaded credit rating downgrade is not the primary issue. If it were, complaints dispensed by rating agencies would have been addressed. Descent of US credit rating is inevitable, as rating agencies will lose credibility if they don’t. Reductions may not materialize immediately, though as soon as everyone forgets what a “debt ceiling” is they will sure to follow. By that time, the USA will be bought out and renamed United States of Disney, and all will pledge allegiance to Pluto the dog.

Bear in mind an important factor, it’s not how much we allow ourselves to borrow, but how much our creditors are willing to lend. The debt ceiling isn’t a barrier from default, but a self-imposed limit on US spending. Despite Obama’s threat that a default would take place if the of debt ceiling were not raised, the Obama organization began prioritizing interest payments to avoid default. Interest’s rates are low and debt services don’t represent much of total revenue. Once lenders disappear, net interest rate payments could absorb an ample portion of federal revenue. Debt payments will grow and increasing interest rates will submerge the economy and decrease revenues. Preferential arrangements with interest payments would cede funding to social security, Medicare and the many other programs that grew from the “The New Deal” and “Great Society”. Our Government cares not for us “We the People” and they WILL prioritize payments to foreign creditors. Lastly, inflation will be left to deal with this pig headed crisis. High inflation will turn to hyperinflation and that will be the end… Unless, the Super Congress, a byproduct of this new law, moves to speed track legislation and bring an end to 80% of us via draconian eugenics programs. Only then, will we never see all that hyperinflation.

The unconstitutional Super Congress is essentially a new third house of parliament with 12 members and the president with ultimate veto power. The founding architects of government established that members of house and senate under the constitution have the opportunity to debate and modify items that are sent to them. To force yes and no votes without debate in the house and senate which allow for amendments and filibusters, will have an astronomical impact on the type and quality of law that we will see pass here in our future. The constitution was established to keep power from consolidating. We are going from 535 members of congress to a group of 12 plus one with ultimate veto power. Instead of trying to buy off 535 members imperialists will only need to buy 12. Congress is a representation of all the legislative body, not part or some. Of course, there are regulatory agencies that are entitled responsibility (EPA, FDA, and Aviation) because of the technical aspects administered by experts and specialists supervised by congress. The constitution clearly states only congress can decide on the administration of taxes and spending. If members of congress disagree it will take 2/3 of the vote to turn it down. Currently it is only 51%. This move alters in which the way congress operates fundamentally

This is a giant step towards dictatorship and an even larger step towards removing and reconstructing our political infrastructure. This new congress will dissolve law that the old congress was never able to. Most importantly on the list is the second amendment, the right to bear arms. We will see a categorical expulsion of firearms around the county. Once we are disarmed we will scavenge for large and sharp rocks to throw at incoming slave catchers – why shouldn’t we! We must act now, organize and assemble, protest and speak. We are at the brink of total collapse.

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